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Self-healing through imagination


This book is devoted to the complex of topics Imagination as a Cure. The author - theoretical physicist, psychologist and psychotherapist - has collected and critically evaluated the scientific literature on psychogenic healing and expanded it with new data and findings based on decades of experience. The spectrum ranges from simple relaxation through psychoneuroimmunology to self-healing through imagination. Since psychoneuroimmunology - evidence-based basis for psychogenic reactions of the human organism, such as B. relaxation, placebo / nocebo effect or hypnosis - rarely explicitly refers to the imagination, the author introduces the concept of consciousness medicine. He explains the psychoneuroimmunological relationships of the imagination and develops a simple, generic six-dramaturgical element method for the practical application of medical hypnosis for self-healing, which is presented using concrete examples from practice.


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Gary Bruno Schmid, born in 1946, grew up in Cleveland, USA. Atomic physicist (Ph. D. 1977) and analytical psychologist (C. G. Jung Institute 1988) with a focus on psychosomatics, psychosis and hypnotherapy in his own practice in Zurich. Trainer of the Swiss Medical Association for Medical Hypnosis (SMSH).

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