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1st energy and modernization fair

"Energy" is the topic on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 in Kevelaer. The trigger is the pilgrimage city's entry into the "AltBauNeu" network, which offers citizens comprehensive information about real estate. The fair is not only aimed at owners, but also at tenants, with offers relating to e-mobility and opportunities to save electricity, including a raffle for electricity vouchers. On the day of the fair, you can test drive an electric car for free!

Admission to the event, which takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the concert hall and stage, is free.

Exhibitor from Kevelaer

Numerous Kevelaer companies will present themselves and their expertise. The main focus here is the renovation of existing properties. From roofers, facade specialists, heating and chimney builders to glaziers, the whole house is thematically covered. The topics of building technology and renewable energies are also not missing here.

Neutral advisory services

If you have any further questions or would like to get a second opinion, the energy consultants are the right place for you. They answer questions about electricity and heating costs and the corresponding savings measures. They have the whole house in view and can provide comprehensive and neutral advice. Does my heating have to be renewed? Which heating technology is right for me? Are my heating and solar systems running efficiently? What can be done against mold? Is it worth buying a battery storage unit if I install photovoltaics? Such questions are best answered in private, as every property is different. You can also make appointments at the consumer advice center so that the energy advisor can take a look at the situation on site.

Diverse lecture program

You can also get a quick look at a topic in the lecture room. 15-minute lectures take place on the hour. The experts are then available to answer personal questions. The topics here are the funding programs that are available to homeowners for renovation as well as lighting with LEDs, the topic of insulation and renewable energies. There will be a lecture each on the subject of heat pumps and photovoltaics.

Ice block bet in Kevelaer - take part and win!

If you have often asked yourself whether it is worth adding insulation to your house, a visit to Roermonder Platz is particularly recommended. The ice block bet takes place here between April 26th, 2019 and May 5th, 2019. Here two identical-looking model houses were filled with the same amount of ice. The difference between the houses is in the insulation! The ice block bet is intended to show how energy can be saved by optimally insulating a house. Everyone can bet and win.

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