What does the term Higgledy Piggledy mean

upside down

under and over (German) [edit]

Idiom [edit]


Up and down is very often used in conjunction with the verb walk second hand: something goes haywire

Word separation:

up and down


IPA: [ˈdʁʊntɐ ʊnt ˈdʁyːbɐ]
Audio samples: upside down (Info)


[1] colloquial:messed up, chaotic

Sense releated words:

[1] like cabbage and beets

Opposite words:

[1] ordered, planned, planned, systematic


[1] With love, it works a lot over and over: He loves her, but she loves someone else, and in four weeks everything will be completely different again.
[1] When it's in a school class upside down then a) the teacher does not have the class under control and b) the students learn less than they could.
[1] “In the Middle Ages it worked over and over: Crusades, famines, persecutions ... "[1]
[1] "[1991, shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union:]" That was a very special time because it was there upside down went and I was confronted with poverty and misery in these weeks in which I was traveling around as a journalist. «"[2]
[1] "Grammatically and orthographically it went [with the comics" Krazy Kat "] upside down […]“[3]
[1] “Attentive corporate angels take care of their start-upper shortly after they are founded - or even before that. And that's still the case in many young companies over and over: Changes in the founding team, new business ideas or simply no more money [...] "[4]
[1] “The island [Iceland] with its around 330,000 inhabitants recovered surprisingly quickly from the catastrophic financial crash of 2008 - driven primarily by growing tourism. Politically, however, things have been going on in the past two years upside down.[5]

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] with verb:up and downwalk

Translations [edit]

[1] Saying index "going haywire"
[*] Digital dictionary of the German language "under and over"
[*] University of Leipzig: Vocabulary portal "Haywire"


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