Why is Kane wearing a mask

Registered since: 11/20/2005
I think this mask record no longer plays a major role after the long injuries of Rey and Sin Cara, but I think they tried to practically reinvent Kane by giving him an old characteristic, because the Kasne before the injury played the tuba with Santino and should now feud against Cena? No way, so I consider the change to be a success. For Kane himself the explanation will probably be that he felt how he wanted to show "embrace the hate" and can do this best by remembering how he was most dangerous and that was undoubtedly with a mask. How sensible and how well you want to rate the whole thing, I allow each individual.

Personally, I like the feud very much, maybe because it is so trashy and old school, but the mask stuff comes too late, because 3.4 years ago you already had the perfect opportunity to bring the mask back with this funny bag, but you are for Rey's mask as its content
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