How strong is the raikage

Words that cannot be rejected

Minato faces E. But he doesn't want to let Minato get away. E make a second attempt and attack Minato. But the latter teleports himself behind Bee and tries to attack him with a Kunai, because he has previously left his Hiraishin seal on a tentacle of Bee. But at the same time Bee has one of his seven swords pointed at Minato behind his back. Back in the present, Naruto is unable to escape again. Killer Bee jumps up to the Raikage and tries to defeat it with a lariat. E countered the attack and tried to attack Naruto, but was stopped by Bee with the help of a tentacle. E, however, cannot be tricked and hurls the tentacle together with the Bee at Naruto. When the Raikage asks Tsunade for help, she stands in front of the two Jinchurikis, arguing that if he kills Naruto, the Kyuubi would come out again and maybe the next Jinchuriki will not be able to control the Kyuubi. You should try to win this war with all your means and strength, Tsunade continues. But the Raikage does not have the permission to make unilateral decisions. He asks Bee what evidence he has that Naruto could do it. Bee attacks his brother again with a lariat, but E counters again.

Bee says that his brother has underestimated this since he became Raikage. E then remembers the day his father, the former Raikage, died. At that time he said to Bee that he shouldn't leave the village anymore. They are at war, he now has to protect the village and the country as the new Raikage. Bee is supposed to start training his Bijuu bomb in Donner Gorge. Back in the present, the Raikage says that the two Jinchurikis are very important. It doesn't matter how strong they are, Akatsuki has already captured all of the other 7 Jinchurikis. That's why he couldn't let her go on, says the Raikage. Then Bee and the Raikage start again for the lariat duel. This time Bee manages to outdo the Raikage's Lariat. Its power doesn't just come from being jinchurikis. The real power comes “from somewhere else”. Now he is looking down at his brother from above, Bee continues.