Is Windows 7 compatible with AutoCAD 2012


first of all - as the title suggests, I managed to get AutoCAD2002 to run under Win7!

I just switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 and wanted to continue using my AutoCAD 2002 - I've been using it for all of my projects since I started with CAD. Since I have a license for this version and I don't like the interface of all AutoCAD versions that are considered Win7-compatible, I was very keen to get the 2002 version to run under the new Windows.

Internet research gave me little hope:
- / 3465790

... even with the virual box integrated in Win7 it doesn't seem to work; Quite apart from the fact that I would only consider a virtual box as an absolute stopgap solution.

Well, I started the installation as normal from the CD and it ran almost right through to the! The progress bar stops at the last tick and does not move anymore (~ 14h waited - nothing happened). I then canceled the installation, I no longer know exactly whether I had to kill it via the task manager or whether it could be terminated with the cancel button.
All important files and registry entries seemed to be there - when starting acad.exe, however, the error message "Fatal error - cannot find xmx file acdbenu.xmx (acdb ???. Xmx)" appears.
Fixing the error via the tips found on the Internet did not work either, I did not find such a file on the CD itself.

After further trial and error with the error as well as some new installations, I exchanged the entire AutoCAD2002 program folder of the installation under Windows 7 with that of the AutoCAD2002 installation under Windows XP! I had the old installation completely on a backup disk.
Lo and behold - it works, with almost no problems!
The Windos UAC reports every time it starts, but there are workarounds for this without having to switch it off completely (better run UAC - for safety reasons).

The only problems:
- In the 'AutoCAD 2002 Current' dialog there is an error when executing the script in the 'Create drawing' tab if you select 'Template' in the 'How would you like to start' combo box.
- My mouse driver (Logitech SetPoint with Logitech M-U0007, 'Corded Mouse M500') is causing problems. But only to a limited extent, cursor and scroll speed are okay, only the automatic double-click on the third button does not work.

... well, otherwise everything is going wonderfully! Shading options, render, ... even C-Dilla doesn't cause any problems!
If so, can you possibly consider installing a ***** ?! Of course only if it's legal - I don't know what it looks like when you have a valid license. But I don't want to go into that at all, I just wanted to mention it because C-Dilla is apparently one of the problem points when running AutoCAD 2002 under Windows 7.
Incidentally, I _not_ installed the 'RTS_3_27_000.exe' patch! Neither on the copied over XP installation, nor on the (itself not executable) Win7 installation!

All you need is, as I said, a complete installation under Windows XP, which you copy over the installation under Windows 7, which is not functional in itself.
It is not necessary to activate any compatibility options, but acad.exe is probably executed automatically with administrator rights, hence the UAC warning.

I am happy to answer questions, if I notice you, I will probably not look in here that often - in a pinch there is sure to be a notification feature via private messages ?!
In any case, I wanted to perpetuate a possibility on the Internet how to get AutoCAD 2002 to run under Windows 7, because I did not come across any recipe for success in my own search for it - at least none that works without third-party software (with 'Virtual Box' from Sun also seems to work [*], with the integrated virtualization of Win7 there seem to be different experiences).
Furthermore, I would also assume that you will not only get the 2002 version of AutoCAD to run under Windows 7, but also other versions that are not officially Win7 compatible.

[*]: td-p / 3465790

Has turned out to be a long pamphlet, well, hopefully someday it will help someone ...


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