Why is Eminem a controversial figure

Eminem: In the footsteps of Prince & quest;

Eminem's life story could soon be the subject of a Hollywood flick - with the rap star in the lead role. As a toy figure, it will be launched on the market beforehand.

Detroit (ebi) - Will Smith and Eminem will soon have something in common. The rap stars not only fill concert halls, but also make the box office ring. Director Brian Grazer ("The Nutty Professor") told an American TV show that he had won Eminem over for a semi-autobiographical film in the style of the "Purple Rain" strip with Prince (1984). The starting point should be Eminem's childhood in Detroit. "I think he will be a very good actor," Grazer made the role palatable to the rapper.

Eminem's management only confirmed that Slim Shady had discussed the project with Grazer. The BBC recently told Eminem that he was planning to appear in the film "Lazarys" alongside Eastcoast colleague DMX. Meanwhile, the US company Art Asylum is bringing the controversial hip hopper into the children's room three times as an action figure: as a rapper Eminem, Normalo Marshall Mathers and as a chainsaw swinging Slim Shady. When asked about the latter, designer Carlos Espada said: "I think it's funny that it's okay for Arnold Schwarzenegger to kill people in his films. But when Eminem raps about it, it's offensive."

There are currently also headlines about an alleged painkiller addiction of the three-time Grammy winner, who was involved in the design of his plastic brothers. Rumor has it that he should regularly swallow viocodin tablets. In high doses, the drug provokes mood swings and can damage internal organs.