How is it that Meghan Markle is not a princess

In the world of the crown, the form of staging has always been important. That hasn't changed since Duchess Meghan, née Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry broke with British royalty. Now, 14 months later, the two are holding hands on white-upholstered wicker armchairs in a friend's garden, very close to their home in California.

Meghan and Harry recorded an interview there, which will be broadcast on the US television channel CBS on Sunday. The two tell Oprah Winfrey, the talk show's grande dame, how they are and, more interestingly, how they fared. After everything that could be seen in advance in excerpts, one can assume that the excitement in the royal family is great.

It starts with the outfit. It has not escaped keen watchers that Meghan is wearing a bracelet from Princess Diana. In addition, a black silk dress adorned with a white lotus flower, "a symbol of rebirth", like that Times noticed. So is Meghan interested in nothing less than a radical new beginning in her native USA, freed from the burden of the crown?

At least geographically, the 39-year-old is now a long way from Great Britain. But since the first interview excerpts were published, the kingdom is suddenly very close again. Serious allegations against the Duchess come from there. She should, so was in the Times to read, have bullied royal employees.

Meghan's lawyers called this a "smear campaign". It is no coincidence that these allegations were brought to the press shortly before Meghan and Harry wanted to speak "openly and honestly about their experiences of the past few years". Buckingham Palace announced that it would investigate the allegations of bullying.

Even if the clips published so far are out of context, it becomes clear that Meghan is taking the royals hard: "I don't understand how you can expect after all this time that we will still remain silent when the company does one plays an active role in perpetuating falsehoods about us. "

The time of the interview does not suit the queen

The Company. The term comes from Prince Philip, he means the royal family. Princess Diana also used it quite often, especially when she wasn't making flattering comments about the palace. The Guardian According to Meghan and Harry, when they mean the men in gray suits who run the royal household, they speak of "the company".

If you believe the Yellow Press, the palace doesn't fit the timing of the interview at all: Now, of all times, when the 99-year-old Prince Philip was operated on, Meghan and Harry want to put the royal family in a bad light. But you can also see it this way: The interview should remind the British of what they have lost. The couple embodied a modern royal family. But the self-confident nonchalance with which Meghan won the hearts of many Britons, did not please everyone.

If it had been up to her and Harry, the two would continue to work as part-time royals. But the Queen did not allow that. It also banned them from making money from the Sussex Royal brand. They are now doing that with film projects or this interview, which is being broadcast in more than a dozen countries, including Germany on Monday.

From California, Meghan can look back on a time in the kingdom when she experienced love, but also hurt. Again and again she was the victim of racist hostility. Meghan is what you get in the UK mixed race calls, she has a black mother and a white father. The Yellow Press asked how the Queen would find a non-white great-grandchild. Such attacks never stopped. Now Meghan wants to tell how it was for her back then in England.