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Wil Wheaton

Role:Wesley Crusher (In: TNG) German dubbing voice:Sven PlateBorn:29.07.1972Info:Wesley Crusher was originally thought of by Gene Roddenberry as an embodiment of his own youth. In Gene's lifetime, no one would have thought of removing Wil from the TNG cast, but when Gene passed away, the tide seemed to be turning. The Wesley Crusher, who waved at least once in each episode, fell silent in the course of the fourth season to such an extent that he flew his truly last regular mission with the crew of the Enterprise in The Final Mission. Wheaton refused to accept this and was picked up again in guest roles. Today Wil Weathon lives in L.A. with his girlfriend Anne Prince, 27, and their two children and tries to stay away from Star Trek as much as possible.Further TV appearances: 13 Thirteenth Avenue; ABC Afterschool Special; A Deadly Secret: The Robert Bierer Story; The Defiant Ones; Family ties; Highway to Heaven {One Winged Angel}; The Last Prostitute; A Long Way Home (debut, 82); Long time gone (86); The Man Who Fell to Earth; Monsters {Shave and a Haircut ... Two Bites}; My Dad Can't Be Crazy, Can He ?; St. Elsewhere; The shooting; Young Harry Houdini; The Outer Limits (96) {Light Brigade}; Mr. Stitch (95, TV movie); Snitches (96, TV-Movie), The Outer Limits (97), Peversions of Science (97) Cinemamovies: The Buddy System (debut, 84); The Curse The Farm] (87); December (91); Hambone and Hillie (84); The Last Starfighter [scenes cut into video version] (84); The Secret of NIMH [voice] (82); She's Having a Baby (88); Stand by Me (86); Toy soldiers (91); Eight Lanes in Hamilton (95); Deep Core (2000) as Rodney Bedecker, Star Trek "Nemesis" (2002)