Boys are naturally more hyperactive than girls

ADHD: Girls often show great fluency and mood swings


ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is also referred to as a "hidden disorder" in girls, as the female gender is less affected and often shows different symptoms than boys. This is why ADHD is often not recognized in girls.

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“In girls with ADHD, the disorder manifests itself less through hyperactivity and aggression, but more through inner restlessness, constant talking and strong emotional fluctuations. Forgetfulness, lack of self-organization, daydreaming, slow work pace, low self-confidence, anxiety and discouragement are less noticeable than the typical behavioral disorders in boys with ADHD, "explains Dr. Klaus Skrodzki, board member of AG ADHD.

ADHD patients try harder than males to adapt and not attract attention. “Often they just manage to pull themselves together at school. At home they are very exhausted, unstable or show impulsive outbursts. With increasing stress in the higher grades, ADHD patients often no longer manage to fit in. In many cases, you will develop symptoms of depression, self-harming behavior, eating disorders, or signs of an anxiety disorder. They are also at risk of addiction, ”describes Dr. Skrodzki's comorbidities ”in girls with ADHD. Often these disorders are diagnosed and treated, and the underlying disorder, ADHD, often goes undetected for a long time. Only when the diagnosis of ADHD is made and treated will the corresponding therapies usually also improve the accompanying and secondary diseases.

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