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Post Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:02 am

MagBen wrote: ↑ In software development, Python is a great addition to C ++. You are much more effective as a C ++ developer if you do not develop everything that works with Python with C ++.
C ++ is incredibly complex. Much of the complexity is completely unnecessary. Compared to C, it is much more difficult to combine C ++ with other languages. Furthermore, it has no advantages over other languages ​​unless you actually need the performance. In practice this is almost never the case, which is better off with Java.

The tools for ML are now so good that the library syntax is no longer the problem, but you sketch your layers of the neural network and the learning cases on paper and then this is implemented in Python.
ML is much more than neural networks. The tools for ML are not very good either. As soon as it goes significantly beyond just playing around locally and you actually want to use ML productively, it gets complicated very quickly. How do you manage the data for training, the models themselves, etc. correctly? How do I do backtesting? How do I get this to production? How do I turn it into a pipeline so that I can continuously improve models?

Therefore it is not possible to get a good developer position only with the qualification of Python developer. This works with C ++ and Java, but not with Python.
Well, if you had left out "good" ones I would agree. You can definitely find a developer position for Java without any problems, that's just the simple standard language that every bad programmer somehow manages and nobody asks why you use Java, which is different with Python or even more exotic languages. I don't think most of these passages are that good, though. Companies that also use other languages, i.e. who deliberately deal with the topic of language selection, are more likely to have good developer positions.