What are the challenges of GST

VAT / GST compliance

Our services include:

Recurring compliance services

  • Preparation and submission of the declaration of sales tax, GST and Intrastat as well as other indirect taxes
  • Review of compliance data and quality checks
  • Assistance with tax audits and questions from tax authorities regarding compliance with tax regulations
  • Tax representation services

Indirect Tax Refunds

  • Local and foreign sales tax refund through the use of an automated technology solution, Revatic Smart

Automation of indirect tax compliance management


Compliance (advisory) services

  • VAT / GST entries and deletions
  • Coordination of insourcing, outsourcing, co-sourcing of compliance in the field of international indirect taxes ()
  • Review of invoicing requirements, sales tax rates / GST rates, etc.
  • Data flow mappings for transactions and invoices
  • Alignments
  • Shared service center design, implementation of compliance models

Post-merger compliance integration services

  • Strategic review of company structure, resources, technology, tax return cycles and stakeholders before and after the merger
  • Strategic advice, support and support in connection with VAT / GST and integration after the merger

Review of compliance risks related to indirect taxes

  • Strategic review of company structure, resources, technology, frequency of tax returns and internal and external stakeholders

Development and review (training, organizational design, guidelines and procedures) of compliance programs

  • Support in the design of the internal compliance program
  • Advice on the organizational structure of the global compliance program
  • Creation of specific global and local manuals for technology and compliance
  • Development of tailor-made standard procedures
  • Review / benchmarking of global compliance programs

Training and knowledge management on compliance for indirect taxes

  • Design and implementation of tailor-made training programs
  • Development of training courses for the VAT / GST regulations applicable at the various locations
  • Indirect tax eLearning
  • Legal updates

Support in dealing with authorities

  • Assisting clients in dealing with / working with government agencies
  • Strategic advice, support and assistance with local sales tax / GST audits by tax authorities

Other indirect tax compliance requirements

  • Insurance taxes: compliance and related compliance advice
  • Other local taxes, such as environmental taxes, energy taxes, taxes on medical devices, local statistical reporting requirements, etc.