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From STARTUPS.CH, September 10, 2020

Accelerator, Business Angel and Unicorn - young entrepreneurs speak their very own language. With the ABC for Startups, you too can have a say in the start-up scene.

A for "Accelerator"

An "Accelerator" is a program for company founders that is intended to stimulate the development of their start-up. In addition to training and further education, the program usually also includes introductory events at which young entrepreneurs are introduced to investors, potential business partners and industry experts.

B for "Business Angel"

"Business angels" or "angel investors" are donors who participate in companies as early as the idea generation phase. They provide venture capital to young startups and try to help them achieve a breakthrough with valuable tips. Unlike venture capitalists, for example, business angels not only provide their protégés with their financial resources, but also with their knowledge and network.

C for "crowd investing"

Similar to “crowdfunding”, “crowdinvesting” raises capital from several small investors - but here the investors receive company shares (usually shares) in return. "Crowdinvesting" is just one of many forms of financing.

D as in "Due Dilligence"

"Due diligence" is the detailed examination and evaluation of an investment or purchase object. Anyone who buys a company or its shares wants to know what they are getting into. A careful due diligence check can minimize the investment and failure risk.

E for "unicorn"

A "unicorn" or "unicorn" is a startup that is worth at least a billion US dollars even before it goes public.

F for "First Mover Advantage"

The First Mover Advantage is the advantage that a company can gain by being the first to enter the market with a new product. A first mover advantage can be achieved through a product innovation or through the introduction of an already established product in a new market.

G as in "Growth Hacking"

"Growth Hacking" is a marketing technique that aims to increase the awareness of a startup and sales of products through creativity, analytical thinking and the targeted use of social media.

I as in "Initial Public Offering"

The initial public offering of a company is known as the “Initial Public Offering”. Contrary to popular belief, very few founders go public with their startups. Far more often this is sold to another company.

M for "Minimum Viable Product"

This is a product that only meets the minimum requirements of the target group. The aim is to develop a product that is optimally tailored to the needs of the target group by analyzing customer reactions to the “minimally viable product”.

P for "Pitch"

The “pitch” is a short presentation of the business concept. The "pitch" is intended to convince investors and business partners to make their financial resources available to a startup.

S for "Sweat Equity"

Founding a startup not only requires significant financial resources, but also a lot of time and energy. The expression "sweat equity" describes the commitment of a founder to his start-up: long working hours, commitment, etc.

T as in "Term Sheet"

A so-called "term sheet" contains the conditions for an investment without obligation. It forms the basis for a later contract.

U as in "USP"

The “Unique Selling Proposition” or “USP” for short is that characteristic of a startup that sets it apart from its competitors. To be successful, a start-up must stand out from the crowd. So anyone who wants to found a company needs a "USP".

V for "Venture Capital"

“Venture capital” or “venture capital” is over-the-counter capital that investment companies use to finance particularly risky companies. True to the motto “High Risk, High Reward”, venture capitalists benefit significantly if a start-up is successful, but they also bear a high risk of failure.

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