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Popularity of hosting service providers in Germany

Hey everyone

I hope the topic is right here: I took a look at the market for podcast hosts at the beginning of January - more precisely, I snorkeled the Apple podcast charts of all (110) categories via various APIs, since the feeds of the 200 fished out top-placed podcasts and extracts the domain under which these feeds run. From this, careful * conclusions can be drawn about the popularity of individual hosting service providers in Germany.

The top 25 (click here for the complete dataset):

* The whole thing paints a rather rough picture and should be enjoyed with the following restrictions, but above all with great caution:

  • That includes many international podcasts that are also heard in Germany and therefore appear in the charts. They may distort the picture (depending on the question).
  • Not all podcast feeds that are set up under their own domain at Apple are also hosted on their own domain. I tried to follow redirects and only use the final feed url, but I would have to double-check that.
  • Some hosts have more than one domain: Podcaster.de, for example, also (still) hosts via Podspot.de. They would have to be added together, but only marginally affect the result.
  • Is there an overview somewhere which domains belong to ÖR broadcasters? I would really like to add them up for comparison. I come roughly to 400–500 podcasts flushed into the charts by the ÖR, but I'm definitely missing a few.
  • Some podcasts are represented in several charts (because a podcast can be in a top category or in a sub-category and still listed in the top category. At least I think so.), So there are duplicates such as the "OMR Podcast".
  • There are also advertising / statistics / feed service providers such as Feedburner & Co.

Presumably not too much should be interpreted into this data overall, but I still found it interesting enough to share here. If you have any ideas about what else you could do with this data, please let us know!