How can I stop being curious?

Why should I be curious? Because you can do it!

And what if we are no longer curious?

Then we no longer exist. This was the trigger for my invitation at our lunch where I invited Sarah for an interview. Sarah suddenly quoted Goethe's Faust and made me stop:

"... That I know what the world is
Holding together at heart,
See ‘all power and seeds,
And don't rummage in words anymore. "

When we are no longer curious, we stop.

But what does this have to do with Goethe's Faust: Dr. Faustos is a scholar, has studied everything that can be studied, is a doctor, Magister & Co

"There I stand‘ now, I poor fool,
And I'm as smart as before! "

Faust wants to know more, he wants to get to the core of life. Like us. Some want to know in a big way what the world is made of and try to get closer to the question of the nucleus (elementary particles, atomic nuclei, ionized atoms or molecules) with the particle accelerator in Cern. Others look for the core in spiritual enlightenment, the next one satisfies his curiosity by preparing his body for high performance like a marathon etc. The energy is always the same:

  • I want to know if it works
  • I trust that I can do it
  • I want to meet a need