When does Goku learn ultra instinct

Dragon Ball Super - A closer look at Goku's new form

Last night there was a fight between Jiren and Son-Goku, in the course of which our hero was able to awaken a new force. Warning, SPOILERS ahead!

The fights in the Tournament of strength rage on and meanwhile the two most powerful warriors of all participating universes have met: Goku and Jiren! As part of the one-hour TV special, everything revolved around the duel between the two fighting geniuses and it quickly became clear that the fighter of the 11th universe has a power that could even surpass that of the gods of destruction. Even Son-Goku's trump card, the Genkidama, had no effect and after the explosion of this huge ki structure there was no trace of our Saiyajin ... his ki was extinguished and he was nowhere to be seen. Beerus and the other members of the 7th universe feared that their friend had died - but suddenly the entire world of emptiness began to shake and Son-Goku appeared from a glistening pillar of light, completely changed and ready for the next round. What do we now know about this new force that our hero was able to unleash and that even the gods of destruction seem to fear? Let's take a closer look at what we see in episode 110!

A new transformation?

Ultra Instinct ...

In the run-up to the TV special, promo pictures were making the rounds, which showed Son-Goku in a new form, but this was clearly different from everything we had seen in Dragon Ball so far: A strange aura envelops his body, the bluish one shimmers and from which wise sparks seem to rise, his hair kept its black color and his eyes turned silver. As already written above, Goku hurled a Genkidama at Jiren, but Jiren was able to stop the energy and push it back; our hero had reached his limit and eventually fell down, right into the explosion of his own onslaught. When he reappeared shortly afterwards, Son-Goku was completely different: His gaze was serious, he was completely focused and even his posture was completely different, he has never been seen like this before. The changes went even further, because his movements seemed completely different, which made not only his friends but also Beerus and Whis puzzled - until the latter had an idea what might have happened to Goku. While the angel of the 7th universe is completely beside himself with joy, Beerus says that our hero can now Ultra instinct deploy; would be a slightly more accurate translation Mastery of Self Movement or in German: mastery of self-movement. In other words, Son-Goku has now reached a level at which his body moves completely automatically without having to think about his actions for even a fraction of a second; he knows what to do and when and does it without hesitation. Our protagonist has thus reached a level that even gods need years, if not centuries, to master.

We remember the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' and the 18th episode of the Resurrection 'F'-Arc in Dragon Ball Super: Goku and Vegeta are now training on Beerus' planet and have a new one in Whis Teacher found. Although both have grown significantly stronger since the God of Destruction's last visit to earth, they cannot hold a candle to Whis; the speed difference between them is so enormous that the person opposite has enough time to sign their uniforms. After their match, Whis tells Goku and Vegeta about their deficits, whereby he attaches particular importance to their speed: Both think too much while they fight, which has a negative effect on their performance; it just takes too long for the muscles to receive commands from the brain their goal must be to reach a level at which their bodies move completely instinctively - a stage that even Beerus has not yet been able to master. Son-Goku seems to have reached this level now, even if only temporarily, because in the course of the second round against Jiren this power seems to gradually leave him again. With the Ultra Instinct we are not necessarily dealing with a new transformation, for example a new level of Super Saiyan (God), because Whis also masters the Ultra Instinct and does not change its appearance, but with a new power, the was hidden deep in Goku and has now been released.

How does Ultra Instinct / Mastery of Self Movement show itself?

These movements ... they are not at all like father's usual movements.

First of all: How did Son-Goku reach this new level? Kuririn speculates that his friend absorbed the energy of the Genkidama and added its power to his. Whis then explains that Goku's attack actually played an important role in this. On the one hand, it actually functions in a certain way as a kind of energy source for Goku's weakened body, but the crucial point is another: The energy of the Genkidama flowed through Son-Goku's body at the moment of the explosion and thus awakened his true potential, which was hidden deep within him; with the help of the Genkidama he could awaken his dormant strength and thus go beyond his limits. But one thing worries Whis and that is heatwhich emanates from the body of his student, but a few more words on that later. Thanks to the Ultra Instinct, Son-Goku is able to move in a completely new way in combat, because his body, as already mentioned several times, acts almost automatically; this change is not only noticed by the angels and gods, but also by our hero's friends, who can hardly follow his movements. Gohan realizes that his father's fighting style has changed, because normally he would never fight as he does now against Jiren; In addition, he could no longer feel the movements and the energy of his father, which could indicate that Son-Goku is now also a divine being who can take on a Hakaishin.

Piccolo adds, not only Goku's movements have changed, it also increases in the course of the fight: Every successful attack, every blocked blow makes his movements more precise, faster and stronger, which makes his already tremendously increased power, speed and reflexes even more impressive thanks to the Ultra Instinct; Son-Goku develops in the course of the fight, similar to it, for example hit does or like it in a way as well Goku Black whose body grew stronger with every fight. By the way, while our hero strikes for the final blow against Jiren, we hear Son-Goku's voice briefly twice, which sounded much stronger than usual. Of course, this could only be a stylistic device, because such a scream has already appeared several times in the course of the Dragon Ball saga, but there is possibly a little more behind it. A terrible event was alluded to in the promotional material, perhaps a force that controls our protagonist? It would also be conceivable that the Ultra Instinct draws a lot of energy from the animal or even evil side of a living being, so maybe this was the voice of the Oozaruthat we heard in his screams? This would also be a nice little reference to the quadruple super saiyan, because this form also drew its strength partly from the wild side of the Saiyajin. In this scene, however, it also becomes apparent that Goku will only be able to use this power temporarily, because just as he is about to land the final blow against Jiren, he is back in his normal form.

A possible outlook on the further course of the tournament

That heat ... I'm not sure about this.

To conclude this article, I would like to take a look at the further (possible) course of the tournament of strength and, at the same time, talk about the disadvantages of Son-Goku's new strength. As noted in the previous paragraph, Son-Goku's Ultra Instinct is something that he is only interested in temporarily similar to what was originally the case with the power of the Super Saiyan God. Our protagonist has of course not yet been able to fully control this power, let alone master it, which is why the events of the 110th episode were rather a kind of appetizer for what might still lie ahead. That we haven't seen this power for the last time should be pretty clear, because why introduce something like that if you don't intend to use it for the future? I suspect the tournament of strength will develop in a similar way to the battle of the gods (Son-Goku vs. Beerus): Son-Goku appropriates the power of the Ultra Instinct in his subsequent battles and will use a much more advanced stage of this power again at a later point in time; this is supported by a card in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battleshowing Son Goku with his new power activated; the card also bears the name Ultra Instinct 'Omen'which also suggests we are still a long way from seeing the full extent of Goku's new power. In addition, the promo pictures published so far showed Son Goku with a bare upper body, which is why this form will certainly appear again in a further developed stage in the later course of the Universe Survival Arc. However, the problem emanating from Son-Goku's body is likely to be problematic heat which is noticed by Tenshinhan as well as Whis and Jiren and of which our angel does not know exactly what to think of it. My theory would be, this new power is draining your energy reserves enormously, it burns Goku's ki; He hints at this himself in a short conversation with Vegeta at the end of the episode, because he tells his rival that it feels like he has used up all his energy. Of course, this could also be due to the fact that Son-Goku's body has not yet got used to the Ultra Instinct and these weaknesses only appear when one reaches these spheres for the first time. However, we will only be certain as the tournament of strength continues, because there are still 25 minutes left. In any case, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the tournament and I'm curious whether Son-Goku will be able to exceed his limits again :)

What do you think of Goku's Ultra Instinct?