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Buying a flashlight: you need to know that

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Whether at home, on sports tours or in the professional field: flashlights are used in a wide variety of places. But not only the place of use should be taken into account when buying. The technology, the energy source or the design also play a role in handling. You can find inexpensive models of various types at idealo.de.

Radiant appearance for LED lamps

First of all, it is worth taking a look at the current technology of flashlights. To be found particularly often: LED models. Because due to its numerous positive properties, this light source has also established itself with the handy lamps. LED lamps convince with strengths such as:
  • long life span
  • no heat development
  • ready for use quickly
  • Available with a wide or narrow light cone.

LED flashlights are available in different price ranges depending on the purpose and equipment. Less powerful models such as flashlights for children can be found for less than ten euros. With professional models, however, it becomes more expensive: Particularly powerful flashlights sometimes cost more than 300 euros.

Flashlight with rechargeable battery or battery operation?

Quite clear: the large number of flashlights are supplied with energy via rechargeable batteries or batteries. Both variants have their advantages. Battery-operated models are quickly ready for use, provided that the right batteries are at hand. Usually two to three AAA LR3 or AA LR6 batteries are required. However, especially when the lamp is used more often, a lot of waste is created.

In this case, rechargeable batteries prove to be more environmentally friendly and save you additional costs for buying batteries. Here, too, the range of models in different price and performance classes is high. Important: Not every flashlight can be operated with batteries. However, there are lamps that can handle both power sources and thus enable a convenient change.

Flashlights that are supplied with energy via a USB connection are particularly practical. A power bank serves as a power source on the go. Another advantage: some lamps already have a quick charge function and are ready for use again after a short time.

Back to the roots: flashlights with crank

Even if you want to do without rechargeable batteries or batteries completely - or have to do without them in the great outdoors - there are suitable flashlights. Dynamo-powered models are driven by hand and supplied with energy via a crank or switch. As a rule, LED lamps are used as light sources. This type of flashlight is often offered in a compact form and for little money.

Flashlights for the home

If the flashlight is only used every now and then or is ready for a possible power failure, a battery-operated model is well suited. Self-discharge does not interfere with longer periods of non-use. In addition, the devices are often a bit cheaper. Do-it-yourselfers who are looking for a work lamp, on the other hand, can choose from a larger selection of cordless lamps.

Flashlights for on the go

A flashlight should not be missing on a camping trip or hiking tour. Energy-saving LED models, at best in a handy size, are the right choice for this purpose. Battery operation is recommended, as they usually have better endurance than batteries. Crank-operated lamps are also suitable companions and provide light even beyond the nearest socket.

Outdoor flashlights should definitely be robust. Many of them are shockproof and splash-proof. You can play it safe with waterproof models. A look at the maximum burn time can also be decisive for the purchase. Some long-running hits shine with values ​​of over 500 hours. In terms of range, some devices even crack the 1000 meter mark. However, this is not the rule: the large number of offers reaches values ​​of up to 300 meters.

Flashlights for professional use

The range also plays an important role for commercial purposes. After all, even areas that are difficult to see should be illuminated. The light cone is no less decisive. Lamps with narrow light cones, so-called Thrower, stand for a centered light beam and a long range. Offer a much wider beam of light Flooder. They are more likely to illuminate the surrounding area. For work, the flashlight should also be comfortable to hold, for example thanks to a rubberized handle. A robust construction and protection against splash water and dust are also advisable. Holsters or belt clips are available as accessories, with which the flashlight is attached close to the body and is therefore quickly at hand.

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