Jonathan Edwards was a Calvinist


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Hello Hans Peter

do you know the sermon:

"The sinners in the hands of an angry god"

by Jonathan Edwards

What is to be made of it?

kind regards
Martin K.


Dear Martin K.

Edwards unwittingly turned many Calvinists into all-reconcilers. Edwards did not know the God of the Bible as He really is. For Edwards, God was a kind of Satan, just as the Calvinists generally make the God of the Bible into a monster in order to justify universal reconciliation in the end. If you were to really read the Word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit, then you would not be preaching the holiness of God in an enormity of predestination to heaven and or the enormity of predestination to hell. These unbelieving believers are only trying to steal themselves out of responsibility and think that they could then call God to account in front of the great white throne because He had predetermined them to go to hell. Mohamed sends his regards.

In summary: The text "The sinners in the hands of an angry God" is theological nonsense, a psychedelic soul tickler, from which Spurgeon copied a lot. No more, no one is led to the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ.

In him
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