Why is there the golden ratio

The Golden cut

The Golden ratio denotes a special relationship between two numbers, lengths or other sizes. The golden ratio is designated with the Greek letter Phi: (\ varphi). The golden ratio is about 1.618: [\ varphi = \ frac {1 + \ sqrt {5}} {2}]

The Golden cut

Shapes in the ratio of the golden section look particularly beautiful and appealing to the human eye. That is why it has been used by artists and architects for thousands of years.

But the fascination of this special proportion goes beyond its mathematical properties and applications. Scholars have been concerned with the mysterious number and its many connections in nature since the ancient Greeks.

Because the golden ratio is not an invention of humans or mathematicians, you can find it all around us in nature. Where exactly one can encounter the golden ratio, we want to see here in many different pictures.


Here you can get a glimpse of the golden ratio in art, nature, architecture, science, music, mathematics and much more. There is also more about each picture on our Pinterest pin board on the golden ratio, where we regularly add pictures and infographics.

Golden ratio, golden spiral, Fibonacci numbers

First, let's take a quick look at the relationship between Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio:

The golden spiral arises directly from the golden section. If you construct rectangles whose sides are in the ratio of the golden section, you can draw the spiral there. The area of ​​the golden rectangles is then given by the Fibonacci numbers.

So if you find a golden spiral, you've found the golden ratio - and vice versa. Now let's get started with a few examples

The golden ratio in art: Mona Lisa

The golden ratio in architecture, art and music

The golden ratio in nature

The golden ratio in mathematics

More math about the golden ratio

Albrecht Beutelspacher and Bernhard Petri describe the mathematical connections of the golden ratio in their book "The Golden Ratio". In addition to the geometric principles, many examples from art are presented.

This book is easy to understand, but is mathematically in-depth. The bound version of the book is available from us for € 27.99.

There is also more about the golden ratio on our Pinterest pin board about the golden ratio, where we regularly add pictures and infographics.