What emphasizes the Gestalt theory

Brief introduction to Gestalt theory

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The background of the own joke analyzes is the shape theory approach of the so-called Berlin School, which was founded by WERTHEIMER, KÖHLER, KOFFKA and LEWIN. A complete description cannot be given here, so reference is made to the relevant literature. Basic explanations can be found in METZGER (1975a, b, c) and GUSS (1975a, b); brief introductions include HÜPPE (1984) and WALTER (1985); The collection of Wolfgang METZGER's writings published by STADLER & CRABUS (1986) offers a good overview.

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  1. In addition to spatial conditions, in the literature (BOWER 1981) also ego states (see above moods, states of intoxication) are assigned to context conditions. That is probably not correct factually and terminologically. From a gestalt theoretical point of view, a distinction should be made between environmental effects and conditions of the entire psychological field, e.g. mood, tension, openness. Google Scholar

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