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3 Kurt Tepperwein Source of Power Mental Training A comprehensive method to shape life yourself

4 Verlagsgruppe Random House FSC-DEU-0100 The FSC -certified paper EOS used for this book is supplied by Salzer Papier, St. Pölten, Austria. Bibliographic information from the Deutsche Bibliothek The Deutsche Bibliothek lists this publication in the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie; detailed bibliographic data are available on the Internet at. 1st edition 1986/2011 Ariston Verlag in the publishing group Random House GmbH All rights reserved Cover design: ZERO advertising agency, Munich Typesetting: EDV-Fotosatz Huber / Verlagsservice G. Pfeifer, Germering Printing and binding: GGP Media GmbH, Pößneck Printed in Germany 2011 ISBN

5 Contents Foreword Introduction: Basics and structure of mental training What you can learn from this book You determine your own destiny Conscious lifestyle the key to success Learn from your mistakes Sow seeds and you will reap the basics of the practice of mental training The psychological requirements for successful action Get rid of guilt feelings Mentally correct a previous wrongdoing. Come to terms with your fellow human beings. Exercise 1: The mental reexperience. Clarifying your own goals. How to clarify your most important wish

6 6 Table of contents Is your wish harming anyone? An example of an unjustified desire Let your subconscious choose what is best for you Account for your true desires Exercise 2: Desire clarification Motivation and positive thinking The cornerstones of success Enthusiasm is the key. Use your creative power Your Mind Concentrate Your Energy on the Fulfillment of Your Desires Control your thinking and you will master your fate Your thoughts and feelings influence your physical condition You alone decide about your life Technical aspects of mental training Develop a ritual for your training sessions. 73 The most suitable sitting position the Pharaoh's seat reveals your posture and how you see yourself. Learn to relax. The ability to concentrate is an indispensable requirement

7 Contents 7 Use annoying noises to deepen your concentration Bundle your energies like a laser Exercise 3: Laser effect in seven stages Breathing and life energy Breathe correctly is something to be learned The astonishing effects of full rhythmic breathing This is how you can recharge yourself with vital force Exercise 4 : Charging the ideal with vital force Creative consciousness and wish fulfillment How to get into the state of creative consciousness What the state of creative consciousness offers you Make your subconscious a "friend" This is how you gain the support of your subconscious. Use a "trigger" exercise 5: Making contact with the subconscious

8 8 Table of Contents 8. The Subconscious Helpers and Counselors Your mental and emotional powers are immense How you can test and train your abilities Use the pendulum to question your subconscious. 140 The technique of commuting and what you have to pay attention to Aids that make it easier for you to question the subconscious. Formulating your wishes and setting your goals all senses Exercise 6: The fixation of the wishful thinking Imagination methods that serve self-knowledge The catathymic picture life gives you valuable insights Use the possibility of access to the superconsciousness Avoid excessive expectations and every effort Exercise 7: Self-knowledge through imagination

9 Contents The power of belief and feeling How to give dynamism to your desire Faith does not need proof, it creates it Connect what you believe with feeling "What you sow, you will reap" How to correct your feelings and make sense Exercise 8: The emotional charge of the believingly desired The place of inner change You can only find your true being through inner perception The union of the individualized with the cosmic consciousness The experience of the inner change Exercise 9: The method of inner change Spiritual effect and active action Do you meet the requirements to make your dream come true? Do your part. Use existing sources of information. Put what you have recognized as right into action immediately Earn the fulfillment of your wish

10 10 Table of contents You must be convinced of the correctness of your actions The practice of mental training An overview of the eight steps to success The 21-day technique A short version of the method for everyday life Live constantly in the awareness of your success Creative thinking and the art of living think positively means making the best of everything What painful experiences should teach us How to break the shackles of negative thinking Bad attitudes that you should definitely get rid of Express positive thinking in your language too. Surround yourself with positive thinking people Also say "no" wants to be learned Conclusion Bibliography About the author

11 We thank the International Academy of Sciences for popularizing mental training.


13 Foreword It is our job to show our life is a “masterpiece”. Using the techniques described in this book will also change your life significantly, just as it did me. In this book, I would like to introduce you to a method that I have developed over 30 years of acquiring knowledge and practical application of my experience, and show you the way in which you can best use this method for yourself. With mental training, you have the opportunity to shape and master life in a meaningful way. The real adventure of my life began in Sofia in 1972. I was there at the invitation of Professor Dr. Georgi Losanow, a Bulgarian psychiatrist who had developed a revolutionary new learning method that interested me dearly: suggestopedia. A few days after my arrival in Sofia I found a message in my hotel locker: A man from South Africa really wanted to speak to me. I wasn't particularly interested in new acquaintances because I wanted to concentrate fully on researching Professor Losanov's method of learning. The next day I found another message from the South African and again I did not respond. When on the third day, however, another message

14 14 I was curious what the mysterious stranger might want from me so urgently. We made an appointment and I learned at our meeting that he runs an institute for mind development in Johannesburg. He had already heard from me and felt that I absolutely had to get to know his method. What he then told me was so fantastic that it sounded almost unbelievable. So I invited him to Germany to get to know his method of mastering and shaping life in a small group with friends. What we then learned from this man and what we experienced later in practical application in its effects, shook my previous view of the world. Almost every day since then I have heard from my friends how they had used the new method to set causes in their lives that very quickly produced the desired consequences. During this time I also began to consciously shape my life according to my ideas. I kept seeing how an »idea from yesterday« became reality the very next day, and for a long time I couldn't believe that I was really the creator of entire chains of events that made me happy. The thought of shaping fate was not alien to me. At the age of 17 I had already started to read the books of wisdom of mankind. I started with the Bible. Over the years Taoteking, the Bhagawadgita, the Upanishads, the I Ching, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Popol Vuh, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Buddha's teaching, the fundamental works on Zen Buddhism, the Koran and the Talmud followed as well as literature on the Rosicrucians

15 Preface 15 and the Freemasons. Over the years I read books by Jakob Lorber, Alice A. Bailey, Krishnamurti, Paul S. Brunton, Franz Bardon, Ananda Moyi Ma, Ramana Maharshi, Caligaris, Gustav Meyrink, Karl Weinfurter, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Sri Aurobindo, G. Gurdjieff, Bô Yin Râ, Fritjof Capra, H. E. Douval, Laotse, Confucius, Brother Lorenz, Joel Goldsmith and ultimately Master Eckehart. This list can give you suggestions as to the sources from which you can draw basic knowledge of mankind. The examination of the life and teachings of those who knew all races and cultures had shaped me in the course of an eventful life. I learned the techniques of self and others hypnosis early on and got to know and appreciate astrology and numerology. For a long time I had hosted an Indian yogi who impressively demonstrated the art of fire and of being buried alive. The "wonderful" was therefore familiar to me. And yet it was a completely new experience not only to read about the incredible powers of the human mind and soul in books or to observe them in others, but to use them myself and see how set causes materialized in my own life . Fate obeys its own internal laws, and I learned to use these laws for my own good. I would like to pass this wonderful experience and all of my other experiences on to you, and this is how this book came about. It gives you an insight into highly effective methods of shaping destiny and explains the most important mental techniques of self-hypnosis, yoga, autogenic training, Kahuna magic and Huna-

16 16 Preface Meditation, psychocybernetics, kinesiology, sophrology, creative imagination and meaningful prayer. I have stripped the methods of mental training from all superfluous accessories and combined them into a systematically structured way of shaping fate. I owe this synopsis to a meditative experience in which the essential connections between cause and effect were revealed to me and the way in which one can develop the creative power inherent in every human being. This path is a carefully guarded secret for thousands of years, knowledge of which was only accessible to the initiated. If you have read this book, you too are an initiate. But this secret is only revealed to every person if he is internally ready for it. One may only see interesting information or "technical" instructions in the following explanations, while another experiences a mental and spiritual explosion and becomes a conscious master of his fate. At least that's what happened to me. What you do with this opportunity is entirely up to you!

17 CHAPTER 1 Introduction: The Basics and Structure of Mental Training What You Can Learn From This Book You are holding a book in your hands that gives you the opportunity to transform your life from the ground up and give it a new direction. Many books begin with similar promises, you may think. And yet the mental training presented in great detail below differs significantly from other teachings, systems and methods: From all over the world and from various areas of proven knowledge, I have only put together what has already proven to be effective. In this book you will actually only find methods of "art" to master and shape life that have already helped millions of people to solve their problems and get on the road to success. From all sources of intellectual tradition as well as the latest scientific knowledge, I have selected the best, only tried and tested and guaranteed success and under the term

18 18 Introduction: Basics and structure of the mental training of the mental training summarized. I would like to present only the best of the best to you in this book and only methods that I have tried out myself and can therefore recommend with a clear conscience. This book is written for you as the reader. The »techniques« of personality development and successful life design presented and explained here are easy to understand and can be traced at any time, so that you can start using them immediately. Mental training is a method that leads beginners and advanced learners to success quickly and safely. Your personal success in all areas of life is the goal to which the mental training should lead you. Incidentally, the method of mental training is so simple that even a child can understand it. But there is also a certain difficulty in this circumstance. Perhaps at first you will not be able to believe that you can achieve such great effects with such simple means, and yet it is! We only have to know and observe the laws of life and ensure that they can work through us, because only through our thinking and desires do we give the laws of life their direction of action, which is visible in individual cases. A law itself cannot do anything. Only when we set certain causes do we trigger mechanisms that determine the direction and course of our lives. Every situation is changed in its quality by our imagination. Only our idea of ​​the world creates our personal reality!

19 You determine your fate yourself 19 You determine your fate yourself Where our eyes perceive substances and shapes, there is really only energy, because everything that exists is ultimately pure energy. Natural science has clearly demonstrated this over the past decades, and the wise men of this world have always known it. You will therefore simply not find anything that is not made of this basic energy: thoughts, feelings, matter, everything consists of the same basic energy. It is now clear to us why we can change and influence our personality, our living conditions, and even events that seem to be independent of us through the sheer power of our thoughts. Every energy changes its respective environment. So if you focus the power of your thoughts on a goal, sooner or later you will achieve that goal. However, nothing arises from nothing, that is a law of nature. Therefore, if you do nothing, you will not achieve anything. Conversely, this law results in the fact that every “little” action, every action, must evoke an equivalent reaction that corresponds to the action. No energy is lost in this universe. Each of your thoughts is also an »action« that triggers a reaction in your environment and accordingly influences your fate. If you become aware of this connection, you will recognize what immeasurable creative but also destructive abilities are given to humans. Yes, we are called to work in this world, because the Bible already says: "Subdue the earth!"

20 20 Introduction: Basics and structure of mental training This saying does not mean, however, that we should exploit the earth and its treasures. Rather, we should use it as it was given to us and leave the earth better and more beautiful for our descendants. However, that part of creation that is "closest" to us, we should take special possession and care for, namely ourselves. It is not life as such that presents us with problems and difficulties, but our ignorance, the unconsciousness in which we live. But as soon as we learn to use our abilities in a targeted manner and to develop the mighty powers within us, we will recognize what it means to be creative. Of course, it is not enough just to know all of this and nod your head in agreement. Only when you put your newly acquired knowledge into practice will it be a blessing for you. This book is written for practice. You will therefore hardly find out its true worth if you just read it and judge it with reasonable judgment. Only the application of the rules of conduct I offer in your everyday life will show you the unbelievable extent to which you can influence and shape your fate with your thoughts, wills and actions. But if you want to be successful in your life, you must first review your thinking habits and behaviors. If you have not yet achieved the success you want, the first thing you need to realize is that in order for your life to change radically, you must change yourself. If you want to achieve certain effects, you first have to set the appropriate causes. Only when you are ready to

21 You determine your own destiny 21 to develop your own affirmative powers, you can really determine the circumstances of your life yourself. This inevitable change in your attitudes may seem troublesome and arduous at first, but it is necessary. Be aware that you must not read this book simply by reading it by yourself. If you want to give the life-affirming and creative forces the upper hand in your life, it requires all your efforts; this is the only way to achieve optimal results. You always have everything you need for a successful life within you. Science has shown that humans only fully utilize a fraction of their mental and spiritual possibilities. However, there is no reason why it has to stay that way. Mental training helps you to awaken and use the abilities dormant in you. The methods of mental training do not require anything except the heartfelt desire and the firm will to shape one's own fate and to be successful and happy. Life is always on your side on your path to success. The right things will always happen at the right time for you in the future if you follow the rules of conduct outlined in this book. But only you are responsible for your success! The basic laws of life work for you when you let them; because one of these laws says that we determine our worldview ourselves. Our ability to want, to believe, and to expect and accept success gives us unlimited possibilities. Already in the Bible it says: “Whatever you pray and ask for, only believe that you have already received it, and

22 Introduction: The Basics and Structure of Mental Training It will be yours. ”Indeed, you will be overwhelmed once you discover how the power of faith carries you to your highest goals. After all, faith can "move mountains". But only when we accept this truth internally can we help ourselves. I have included exercises at various points in this book with which you can immediately apply what you have read and what you have learned in practice. Occasionally you will come across interesting experiments, but mainly I have chosen exercises that you can use directly to achieve your personal goals and wishes. I hope that you will take the opportunity, while reading this book, to begin to adopt a new, positive outlook on life. Because of this, you will need to put the book down from time to time so that you can concentrate fully on the exercise at hand. However, if you follow the "central theme" of the exercises, you can be sure that after you have finished reading this you will take your fate into your own hands and get on the path to success.

23 Conscious lifestyle is the key to success 23 Conscious lifestyle is the key to success At the beginning, the way of thinking on which this book is based may seem strange, but, as is so often the case, perseverance is the only way to win. Thinking about success must first become a matter of course for you. Words like "fateful stroke" or "bad luck" should be deleted from your vocabulary from today. Because once you have realized that all personal problems arise from wrong thinking habits, you will also find in the next step that you have the key to solving your problems within yourself. You yourself "are" the key to your success in life! Therefore, do not wait for so-called "favorable opportunities" or for help from others, because all hope and waiting only serve the purpose of shifting responsibility from us. All options are now available; All you need to do is access it. In every minute of our life we ​​all set causes that appear as happiness or suffering, as illness or well-being, in one word as fate. Most of the time we do this unconsciously. However, since the quality of our thoughts and our corresponding feelings determine our "fate", we must first learn to control thoughts and feelings and to shape our lives consciously. We constantly act according to the programs we have learned and let bad habits and prejudices rule our lives lightly. However, since our behavior is influenced by our

24 NON-SELLER READING SAMPLE Kurt Tepperwein Power Source Mental Training A comprehensive method to shape life yourself Hardcover book, cardboard, 256 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm ISBN: Ariston Date of publication: October 2011 The step-by-step guide to effective and proven techniques Best-selling author Kurt Tepperwein made mental training accessible to a broad readership for the first time. Since then, his methods have been successfully implemented by top athletes, managers and numerous seminar participants. The special edition of the introduced longseller also contains an accompanying CD, which you can use to practice mental training on your own. Kurt Tepperwein knows how to promote competencies, skills and personal well-being through targeted mental training. The seminar leader and life teacher developed a method for realizing one's professional and personal desires by changing one's thinking and thus actively shaping one's own life. In addition to the basics and the structure of mental training, the importance of positive thinking and the power of belief, Kurt Tepperwein also explains the tried and tested techniques step by step. Every reader, whether beginner or advanced, learns in a simple and understandable way how he can get to know himself better and find out what is really important in life.