How much does Starbucks coffee cost

Different prices: Starbucks coffee costs more in Zurich than in Bern


The coffee offer is the same, but the price at Starbucks is different depending on the region. There is one exception, however.

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Taking photos of the offer board hanging large over the counter with the prices is prohibited in the Starbucks cafes, as a Swiss employee says. Anyone who nevertheless compares the range in the individual branches in Switzerland will notice that the same types of coffee are available everywhere, but the prices for them vary depending on the city and location.

At Starbucks in Olten and Bern train stations, a medium-sized caffè latte (grande) costs CHF 6.80. In Zurich at the Stauffacher this is available for 6.90 francs. Depending on the coffee drink, Starbucks is also cheaper in Zurich: A medium cold brew latte costs 7.10 in Bern, 7.40 francs in Zurich and Olten is the most expensive at 7.60 francs. There is a price differential of almost 8 percent between Bern and Olten.

Starbucks is by far the cheapest at the machine in the kiosk. Anyone who leaves out a medium-sized caffè latte themselves pays CHF 5.40 for it. And: Here the price is always the same throughout Switzerland. The kiosk group Valora is making prices independent of Starbucks.

"Our prices depend not only on the ingredients, but on a number of factors such as the rent, which can vary widely within a country," explains Starbucks when asked by 20 Minuten. In addition, the licensees of the individual Starbucks cafes cannot be dictated to the prices.

The individual Valora kiosks are also partly independent; like the Starbucks cafés, they are operated by licensees. Nevertheless, Valora manages to enforce uniform prices - although the rents for the kiosks also vary depending on the location.

At McDonald's, most of the restaurants are owned by independent licensees. The group only gives you recommended retail prices. For the Big Mac and most other products, they are the same for one country, but for coffee, even the recommendations vary depending on the location.

“The recommended retail price for coffee varies depending on the location,” says Deborah Murith from McDonald's Switzerland. In Ticino, the recommended price for latte macchiato is CHF 4.90, and CHF 5.20 for Zurich. Because coffee can lure some people into McDonald's, it's free on the first Monday of each month - in all Swiss branches.