What was your dream about the last few nights

Dream interpretation: this is what your subconscious tells you

How do weird dreams come about?

Dreams arise in the subconscious and are therefore difficult to investigate even with the knowledge of modern dream interpretation. Scientists agree that we process events or certain life events in dreams. Our subconscious falls back on impressions that are stored in our memory and “tinkers” the dream from them. Do you also often fail to see the meaning behind the content of your dreams? The logical part of our consciousness is not active during sleep - this also makes us dream of things that did not happen or that are completely unrealistic, such as that a monster is chasing us or that we are as small as an ant.

Common motifs in dream interpretation

Dreams are something very personal and unique. A general one Dream interpretation therefore basically does not exist. Rather, one should always interpret dreams in connection with the situation and the personality of the dreaming. Anyone who is afraid of spiders feels a giant spider in a dream as a threat, who likes spiders is unimpressed by it.

In the history of mankind attempts have been made again and again to interpret dreams, from the spiritual view of dream images to the scientifically based psychology of the 19th and 20th centuries. Even today it takes Dream interpretation still plays an important role and is being intensively researched. Well-known personalities who dealt with scientific dream research at a comparatively early stage are Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung.

The Austrian doctor Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) is considered the founder of psychoanalysis and was also active in dream interpretation research. He understood dreams as processing mechanisms through which one subconsciously works through situations and experiences - especially those that are influenced by childhood experiences. However, some elements would be actively prevented from passing into consciousness. One way of Dream interpretation saw Freud in the decoding of symbols that one encounters in dreams, with the help of free associations of the person concerned.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961), a Swiss psychiatrist, also investigated the meaning of dreams - for many years in close cooperation with Sigmund Freud, but later in a clear differentiation from his theories. For example, he was of the opinion that free association for the Dream interpretation is not relevant, since dreams are in direct connection with the thoughts of the dreaming. Jung concluded from this that dream symbols should be linked with suitable personal associations in order to stay as close as possible to the dream image. He also coined the term “collective unconscious”, which distinguishes itself from a person's personal unconscious and, from Jung's point of view, represents a basic psychological structure of people.

There are a few subjects known as common dream subjects, such as flying or being chased. For these dream motifs there are Dream interpretation Suggestions as to what could actually be behind it. Maybe you recognize one or the other ...

Fall in a dream

Have you ever experienced in a dream that you fell into the depths? In research on Dream interpretation a fall from a high-rise or an airplane or a free fall into nowhere is a common motif. It suggests that you are afraid of losing control. Perhaps you are in a situation that is beyond your control, or an event is imminent in which you fear a loss of control. Often one wakes up from sleep when one dreams of falling. If such a dream occurs regularly and becomes a burden or even leads to lack of sleep, one should seriously consider where the fear of loss of control comes from and deal with it.

Fly in a dream

Much nicer than the dream of falling is the dream of flying. Who wouldn't want to be able to glide through the air like a bird ?! Flying suggests a feeling of freedom. This dream could mean that you feel constricted in everyday life and that you long for more freedom. Since you have a better overview of everything from above, the dream of flying can also be interpreted in such a way that you are undecided about one thing and want a better perspective.

Dream death

Death as a dream motif certainly belongs to the category of nightmares. The meaning of the dream death does not have to be frightening. The special thing is often that you live on in your dream. So it is hardly surprising that death is in the Dream interpretation as a symbol for a change or a new beginning. You leave the old life behind and start a new one. Are you about to change jobs or move to another city? Big changes in your life that scare you are likely to keep you busy while you sleep.

To be pursued in a dream

Monsters, crooks, the boss ... In dreams the persecutors can take on the most varied of shapes. Depending on who is chasing you in the dream, it changes Dream interpretation. A deadline at work can be just as much a trigger as a decision in private life that is on your neck. If the same motive recurs often, you should investigate where the emotional stress is coming from in order to process the dream of persecution.

Individual dream interpretation

The Dream interpretation Of course, it works best when you know the details of the dream. Put a notebook and a pen close at hand next to the bed to write down your dreams - both individual dream scenes and associated emotions. You should do this right after you wake up, when the dream is still present. By the time you get up and take a shower, the details are often forgotten or you can't even remember the dream.

Even if science has not yet deciphered all aspects of dream research, it is based on Dream interpretation not that difficult at all. Often there is an obvious explanation from your everyday life for a dream. Because much that you experience and that moves you finds its way into the world of your dreams - both in a positive and in a negative sense. They help us to process not only significant events, but the whole of everyday life. Of course, it's uncomfortable when you have scary dreams at night and you even wake up with fright. Still, they can be a chance to get to the bottom of your worries. How did you feel in a dream and in which situation in everyday life do you feel similar? Can the scene from the dream be transferred to a real situation? So you have an impetus for your self-reflection!