Was the original Star Trek the best

By a clear margin: Picard is currently the best Star Trek series

124 movie pilots have already rated the new Star Trek series: Star Trek: Picard is currently on one of them Average score of 8.2. This is a pretty good value for the new series and the reason for us to take a closer look at all the series in the Star Trek universe.

The result is surprising because Star Trek: Picard is made by you with a clear margin rated the best series in the sci-fi universe. Even if we assume from experience that the ratings will decline over time, it should be difficult for the other Star Trek series to steal Picard's top position.

The best Star Trek series

8th place - Star Trek: The Animated Series / The Enterprise
With a rating of 6.2437 on 122 reviews the animation series Die Enterprise lands in last place in the internal Star Trek ranking.

7th place - Star Trek: Enterprise
There is a clear gap in the amount and number of ratings for Star Trek: Enterprise. With 6.96308 on 1,223 ratings Captain Archer and his crew of the Enterprise NX-01 manage to arouse your enthusiasm significantly more than the animation series.

6th place - Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Discovery has also received over 1,000 reviews to date. With 7.02406 on 1,313 ratings the series about First Officer Michael Burnham is not doing so badly.

5th place - Starship Enterprise
Spaceship Enterprise saw the light of day on TV and has since found many imitators. The original series brings it up 7.19974 on 1,925 reviews. Captain Kirk and his crew may not end up in the front seats, but they have their place in TV history.

4th place - Star Trek: Spaceship Voyager

Star Trek: Spaceship Voyager ran for 6 years from 1995 to 2001. Captain Janeway and her crew had to find their way back home. A 7.32893 in 1,933 reviews give the spaceship an enormous boost.

3rd place - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the first spin-off of the Star Trek franchise, hit the television scene in 1993. With 7,34997 at 1,678 ratings it was rated slightly better by you movie pilots than spaceship Voyager.

2nd place - Starship Enterprise: The next century
In Spaceship Enterprise: The Next Century, Captain Picard's crew embarked on new TV adventures and took the Trekkies by storm. With a 7.96738 on 2,582 ratings She held the top position in the internal Star Trek ranking for several years.

1st place - Star Trek: Picard
Still very fresh, Star Trek: Picard testifies to the radiance that made Captain Picard an iconic figure. The sequel is currently doing better than the original and scores with one 8.16667 on 120 reviews. We'll look at the numbers again after Season 1 ends.

What do you think of the Star Trek universe? Which of the series is your favorite?