What makes soap slippery

Blog - Movement Game: Warning, Slippery! This is how children learn not to slip

This game gets really slippery and slippery. The game is best played in the garden on a warm day. It can be set up quickly and is a lot of fun for the children. You train the coordination of movements, the body awareness and the sense of balance.

What is needed:

  • 1 tarpaulin, width: approx. 1.5–2 m, length: approx. 5 m
  • 1 water hose or 2–3 buckets filled with water
  • Soft soap
  • Swimwear for the kids
  • 1 towel per child

Your preparations

First lay the tarpaulin in the garden on a flat, soft surface, such as on the lawn or in the sandpit. Then pour some water and some soft soap on the tarpaulin. Measure out the soap so that the surface is slippery.

Then it starts

There is always a child walking along the tarpaulin. Ask the child to move slowly and carefully so that they do not slip. It's not that easy at all and requires all of his skill. Nevertheless, the viewers also enjoy it. As soon as the 1st child has left the tarpaulin, the next follows, and so on.


Place the tarpaulin on an incline. The children can slide down the tarpaulin one by one or crawl it up. In this way you offer the children further challenges.

Practical tip: For children who do not have a good body image - these are U3 children and some 3-year-olds - do not use soft soap.