Will a bike machine slim thighs

Cross trainer or bike? - Which device is the better choice?

Cross trainers and exercise bikes are equally popular fitness equipment. However, not both are ideal for everyone. Whether the cross trainer or the bicycle ergometer is the right choice depends on the personal physical situation and the training goals.

The topics at a glance:

Which device is the right one?
Which muscle groups are being trained?
For whom exercise bikes are generally useful

Which device is the right one?

Train endurance and improve health

Cross trainers and bicycles both train endurance. Regular endurance training improves the body's ability to perform over a longer period of time. It is considered fundamental if you want to do something for the health of your body and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Those who exercise moderately in the sense of health sports with the cross trainer or the bicycle ergometer can also improve the immune system. Several studies have already shown that endurance sports have a positive effect on the blood count and thus have a direct positive effect on the immune system. In addition, the rate of respiratory diseases can be reduced in trained people compared to untrained people.

Three to four endurance units, ideally 30 to 45 minutes in duration, are ideal for improving the immune system. Cross trainers and bicycles are equally recommended for this.

Cross trainer or bike to lose weight?

Exercising with both exercise bikes, both the cross trainer and the bike, burns calories and stimulates fat burning. The body's carbohydrate stores are emptied during endurance training and the body uses the fat deposits to gain energy. This effect occurs both when training with a bicycle and when training with the cross trainer. However, more muscle groups are used with the cross trainer and more calories can be burned in the same training time.

If you want to push fat burning even further, you can make endurance training more varied on the cross trainer as well as on the bicycle ergometer and change the training intensity again and again. Moderate intervals are alternated with intensive intervals and the increased exertion means that even more calories can be burned.

However, basic endurance is a prerequisite for such interval training. Anyone who starts training as an absolute beginner or untrained newcomer should therefore initially concentrate on finding regular, moderate training. In addition, sporting activity is not the only decisive factor for success in losing weight. You should always combine this with a healthy diet.

Which exercise bike is the best for training that is easy on the joints?

Both training devices are gentle on the joints. Both with the bicycle ergometer and with the cross trainer, the stress on the joints is significantly lower than is the case, for example, when jogging. Both fitness machines are well suited for healthy people who want to exercise in a way that is gentle on their joints.

However, anyone who starts training after rehab or already has joint problems, for example in their hips or knees, is better off using a bicycle. While the hips are stressed with the cross trainer, the training with the bicycle ergometer takes place while sitting and is therefore generally considered to be gentler. In addition to the conventional bicycle, the recumbent ergometer is particularly suitable for particularly gentle training.

Which muscle groups are being trained?

Both training with a bike and training with the cross trainer can be assigned to cardio training. On the one hand, the heart is trained here as the most important muscle in the body, on the other hand, large muscle groups such as the legs are also used.

When training with both exercise bikes, it is not a matter of strength training with high weights, in which a significant muscle growth would be recorded, but the muscles are strengthened, especially with higher training resistance on the exercise bike, and the body can be tightened.

Which muscles are used when training on the bike

With the bicycle ergometer, the muscles of the lower body, i.e. the legs and buttocks, are mainly trained. Both the front and the back of the thigh are used. The glutes are trained and the calf muscles are also strengthened. The muscles of the holding apparatus, i.e. the stomach and back, are moderately stressed when training with the bike, the arms are easily involved in the training because they hold the handlebar.

The abdominal, back and arm muscles become more involved when you step out of the saddle and pedal with all your weight. How big the muscle gain you can record when training with a bike depends on the training resistance. Therefore, when buying a bicycle ergometer, you should pay attention to an adjustable resistance. If you want to make your training varied, many bicycle ergometers also have a selection of different training programs.

Which muscles are strengthened on the cross trainer

On the cross trainer, like on a bicycle, the muscles of the lower body are primarily trained. In addition, the muscles of the upper body are stressed. When you step on the cross trainer, the thigh muscles are trained as well as the entire gluteal muscles.

In contrast to the bicycle with its stable handlebars, you also work actively with the arm bars on the cross trainer. Depending on the intensity, the muscles of the arms including the triceps and biceps are strengthened accordingly. In addition, there is an activation of the abdominal and back muscles.

The cross trainer is therefore ideal for all those who want to train as many muscle groups as possible. However, those who want to protect their back muscles, for example due to physical limitations, prefer to use a bicycle ergometer.

For whom exercise bikes are generally useful

Many people find it easier to exercise regularly when they are motivated to do so by others. But not everyone has the time and the opportunity to do sports in a club or to go to the gym with a training partner. Exercise bikes have the advantage that you always have a training device at home with them that you can access at any time of the day and in any weather. Especially for beginners and for those returning to work, for example after rehab, an exercise bike offers a good opportunity to train in peace at home and to concentrate fully on your own needs and abilities.

If you can train at home in familiar surroundings, the inhibition threshold to do sports is sometimes lower. You don't have to fear any prying eyes and you also save the membership fee for a club or gym. Nevertheless, you can be very flexible, for example in the morning before work or in the evening while watching TV.

Advanced users can implement or supplement their training plan with the right exercise bike even if there is a lack of time and flexibility. Endurance sport in particular is sometimes perceived as being quite monotonous. At home, however, you can combine training on the exercise bike with watching your favorite TV program or you can comfortably run the radio without having to use headphones.


Exercise bikes, be it the bike or the cross trainer, are generally a good choice for all those who want to train their endurance and want to remain independent of wind, weather and surroundings. They are also a good alternative to training in the gym. Anyone who needs training that is particularly gentle on the joints is best advised to ride a bike. If you want more physical activity or if you want to burn more calories, it is best to use the cross trainer. Both exercise bikes enable endurance training that strengthens the cardiovascular system and can be implemented at any age.

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