What strategies should Nokia use for rebranding?

The cheeky comeback of the Nokia brand

Nokia N1 revealed

Microsoftwill be anything but "amused" after the unexpected move by the Finns. Reason: the tablet N1, which Nokia now presented to the world public, does not run with the Windows operating system of the long-term partner and later buyer of the Nokia mobile phone division, but with the Android operating system of Microsoft's intimate enemy Google. So while Microsoft is now trying its luck in the smartphone market with the Microsoft Lumia brand and only places the Nokia logo on cheap cell phones, the Finnish group is attacking the software and hardware group on the tablet front and at the same time giving the Nokia brand a comeback on devices for the consumer market .

"We are happy to put the Nokia brand back into the hands of end users with the N1 Android tablet and to help make highly developed technologies easy," announced the product boss Sebastian Nyström not without pride at the presentation in Helsinki. Nokia has also come up with a lot in terms of communication. The presentation was announced in the best Apple fashion a few days earlier with a mysterious tweet. Immediately after the launch, Nokia shared a promotional video on social networks. In the commercial, the N1 is presented as an extremely high-quality product - and the Nokia brand is extensively celebrated.

The return of the brand is made possible by a license deal. Background: With the takeover of the cell phone division, Microsoft secured the rights to the Nokia brand only for the cell phone and smartphone market - and only for a limited period. The other trademark rights continue to be held by the Nokia Group, which now focuses primarily on industrial customers, the development of mobile networks and the Here map service. For Nokia the tablet business is an interesting field of experimentation because it involves little risk. Reason: The licensee, who is rumored to be the Apple production partner, is responsible for the development, marketing and servicing of the devices Foxconnshould act.

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Nokia advertising history

From pioneer to cheap brand

The sparrows had been whistling from the rooftops for a long time. Now there is certainty. The days of the premium Nokia brand are numbered. Microsoft will only use the Nokia logo for cheap cell phones. HORIZONT Online presents a short advertising story of the former cult brand.

The Nokia N1 is a 7.9-inch tablet that is very reminiscent of Apple's iPad Mini. However, it is significantly cheaper: While Apple charges at least 389 euros for the smallest iPad, the N1 is available for 249 dollars plus tax. "The N1 has a very intuitive interface and a matching industrial design. It is a great product for Nokia fans and all consumers who have not yet found a suitable Android tablet," said Nyström.

"Nokia has to do a lot better this time in terms of licensing and devices in order to be successful."

Ian Fogg

It remains to be seen whether the Nokia strategy will bear fruit. Ian Fogg, Director of Mobile Analysis at IHS Technology, is skeptical. The technology expert believes that the licensing strategy can be worthwhile for Nokia, since the group does not have to take care of production, sales and marketing. However, he also sees considerable risks in the partner strategy, since the quality of the end products is not in the hands of Nokia. He also points out that Nokia has often been noticed with bold strategies, but that these have often failed. He cites the Symbian operating system launched with Ericsson and Motorola and the cooperation with Intel at Meego as examples. "Nokia has to do a lot better this time around licensing and devices to be successful," said Fogg. mas