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For more than 50 years people in Germany have supported the work of the "Society of the Helpers of Mary", an Indian, Catholic religious order. Independently of each other, groups and associations have been formed all over Germany that support the beneficial work of the "Marys" by collecting and passing on donations.

This was mostly motivated by the travel experiences of individuals, but also by reports in newspapers and magazines about the unbelievable misery of the people in India.

The groups often had direct contact with the founder of the order, the German sister Anna Huberta Roggendorf and her co-sister Prisilla Lehmkuhl.

From the 1980s onwards, those responsible from various groups came together for an annual private exchange. Over the years, more and more groups have joined this exchange, so that the meetings today mostly take place in conference centers.

If you want to support this good cause with a donation, would like to find out more about the work of the Helpers of Mary or about projects of the groups, or would like to set up a support initiative in your locality, you can contact a group of your choice at any time.

To go to the homepage of individual groups, click on the name of the group on the map or look for the group in the list below. (The map is unfortunately not displayed correctly on some devices. We apologize for this!)

Society of the Helpers of Mary

Life for love

Andheri is a district of the 20 million city Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Sister Priscilla Lehmkuhl from Dülmen came there in 1931 and sister Anna Huberta Roggendorf from Mechernich in 1932. At first they worked in the children's home "St. Catherine’s Home", which was run by the Order of the Daughters of St. Cross is headed. From small beginnings, a large and at the time unique children's home was created, in which orphans from all religions and castes were accepted without reservation.

This St. Catherine’s Home is, so to speak, the birthplace of this community of sisters. 8 young girls who had already actively helped in the children's home asked Sister Anna Huberta to be allowed to devote their lives entirely to the service of the poor. This is how this Indian sister community was founded in Andheri in 1942. The mother house of the "Society of the Helpers of Mary" is still located there today.