How much does Linux cost

Linux: This is behind the open source operating systems

As Private users It is especially worthwhile to use Linux as the operating system for your own PC if you are looking for a free and manufacturer-independent solution. While you usually have to buy new Windows systems, the Linux distributions are further developed and supplemented by users - e.g. B. also through security updates. If this is no longer the case with one system, you can always easily switch to another variant. It is true, however, that many private users find it difficult to get started with Linux. Even tried-and-tested Windows users who are planning to switch must expect a certain amount of time to get used to the new environment and the exchange of many well-known applications and be open to changes.

The use of Linux is just as worthwhile and much more established than Server operating system. In addition to the advantages mentioned - flexibility, security, independence from the manufacturer - the low hardware requirements, the significantly simpler licensing and the excellent cloud support. However, you should also consider the use by the clients when making your decision: While Linux is an excellent solution for web-based applications such as e-commerce or CRM systems, Windows has the edge when it comes to client-based services such as Office programs. The fact that Linux distributions always represent the most cost-effective solution as a server system does not necessarily correspond to the facts: While the software is usually free of charge, the support often costs even more.