How do tips work

How does Twitter work? Tips for beginners

The famous hashtags

Hashtags are used for discovery on many social networks - Twitter is no exception. If you still don't know what to do with it: Hashtags are keywords that are preceded by a #. They are clickable and then lead to further tweets that have used that hashtag. Choose them carefully and don't overload your contribution with them.

Alongside the #, the @ is probably the most widely used symbol on social media. As explained above, you can use it to set up a different Twitter account mentionFor example, if you find another user's contribution so remarkable that you don't want to withhold it from your followers. This is also not how you sell other people's ideas and thoughts as your own, which is only fair. However, do retweets not without comment, but always make your statement about it so that your followers know why you are sharing a post. That's exactly what Twitter is all about - it's about your opinion on certain topics. Don't be afraid to share them with others. As long as you don't offend anyone, that's exactly what Twitter is about and what people are interested in.

Professionalism leads to success

If someone mentioned you, reply to them. This interaction makes people follow you, which if you ignore them all the time, they will no longer do so. Especially if you are one professional Twitter account want to build up, this is an important building block. See and be seen!

Speaking of professional: If you are to succeed or want to be successful, the strategic planning of your tweets is an important factor. Find out when your followers are online and primarily tweet during these peak times. You can deal with Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer also create schedules and prepare your contributions in order to have them published at certain times.

By the way, it is an effective way to post tweets several times so that your followers don't miss them. After all, they can be in different time zones living and tweets have a short lifespan in timelines. Be aware, however, that a thoughtless post can spread quickly, even if you delete it after a few minutes. Always tweet with your wits and senses, especially when it comes to controversial topics. As you can see, twittering is not that difficult. Just try it out!