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CoD Warzone: The best weapons with setups - Season 3.5 / May 2021

In the Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone, clever ways of playing bring you to victory, but the choice of weapons is also very important. MeinMMO therefore shows you here which guns deliver strong performances in the Warzone.

Where does the weapon information come from? In order to provide you with the best weapons, we at MeinMMO regularly check the latest trends of the players, look at analyzes and season the whole thing with a portion of our own experience.

Every player perceives the weapons differently and some suit the individual better, sometimes worse. We therefore attach great importance to ease of play and good handling in our list. We also show alternatives that often deliver better damage, but come with certain disadvantages when it comes to handling.

Update May 24th: Mid-Season 3 - After the big mid-season update, we revised the article. The M16 loses its place as the “best all-round weapon for long distances” to the Krig 6. However, the M16 tactical rifle remains a strong alternative.

We have also revised the setup of the "Bullfrog" (submachine guns). Instead of the GRU muzzle flash, we now recommend the "fire damper" as a muzzle - the attachment got a decent buff.

The best weapons by area of ​​application in the Battle Royale Warzone

Is there currently an over-rifle in CoD Warzone? The Warzone weapon meta is currently considered very "healthy". There is no weapon that is considered to be so overpowered that most gamers will find it out there.

What are the best Warzone weapons? All-round weapons like the M4A1 assault rifle perform best in the warzone because they support you at all distances.

You can differentiate between all-round weapons that focus more on close combat (CR-56 AMAX) or are strong on range (M16). Ultimately, a lot depends on your taste. But the weapons that you can find here in the list are all worth a try and strong in Battle Royale.

These are the best weapons in the Warzone by area of ​​use:

  • Best all-round weapon with range: Krig 6
  • Best all-round weapon for short distances: CR-56 AMAX
  • Best weapons for close combat: JAK-12 / Bullfrog
  • Best sniper rifles: Kar 98k / ZRG 20mm
  • Best rocket launcher: Cigma 2 / PILA

Incidentally, the complete list here also applies to the Warzone mode looted money. Here are the best weapons for normal Modern Warfare multiplayer:

These are the best weapons from every type of weapon for multiplayer mode

Krig 6 - The best all-round weapon for long distances

Krig 6 Warzone Setup:

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
    • Increases bullet speed, control and provides soundproofing
  • Barrel: 19.7 ″ Ranger
    • Increases bullet speed
  • Underflow: field agent fore grip
    • Better recoil behavior
  • Magazine: STANAG 60 rounds
    • More ammunition, more penetration
  • Visor: Visiontech 2x
    • Fast visor with less optical recoil

What makes the Krig 6 strong? The assault rifle currently offers the best mix of damage and risk. This is due to their very good control. Muzzle, visor and underflow bring the recoil to a very low level and together with the barrel for better ball speed you can land very simple hits - even at great distances.

With its second damage area, it also overtakes the previous long-running hits from CoD MW. Because if she loses damage at just under 40 meters with this setup, it does not go down as much as with the weapons from Modern Warfare.

However, there are currently many options on the higher distances in Warzone. It is important that you land your hits safely and that the time-to-kill is at a reasonable level. An MP or a shotgun is recommended as a second weapon.

Advantages & disadvantages of the Krig 6

  • Very precise
  • Second damage area is strong
  • Time-to-kill in the first damage area is rather average

Alternative all-round weapons for long distances

CR-56 AMAX - The best all-round weapon for short distances

CR-56 AMAX Warzone setup:

  • Muzzle: silencer (monolith)
    • Increases bullet speed, control and provides soundproofing
  • Barrel: XRK Zodiac S440
    • Improves control and increases range
  • Underflow: command fore grip
    • Reduces horizontal recoil
  • Ammunition: 45-round magazine
    • More bullets, more damage
  • Handle: XRK CR-56 Patterned edging
    • Improve your aiming speed

What makes the CR-56 AMAX strong? The fully automatic assault rifle offers a top value for time-to-kill and can sweep enemies off the map in less than 500 milliseconds (chest hits).

She is currently a strong sniper supporter and has long been part of the weapon meta, albeit in the second row so far. In season 3, the weapon trumps and shines with its damage - but it is more difficult to play compared to the competition.

If the setup is a little too slow for you, swap the long barrel for a shaft or laser with a higher ZV speed. However, control then also suffers.

Advantages and disadvantages of the CR-56 AMAX

  • Very good time-to-kill
  • Can also work over a long range
  • Noticeable recoil
  • Could be nerfed

Alternative all-round weapons for short distances

JAK-12 - The best weapon for close combat (shotgun)

JAK-12 Warzone setup:

  • Finish: FORGE TAC Marauder
    • Silencer, more range, less dispersion
  • Barrel: ZLR J-2800 flash flood
    • Less dispersion and a little more range
  • Laser: 5mW laser
    • Better fire from the hip
  • Ammunition: 20-round drum magazine
    • Bigger magazine for more damage
  • Handle: Patterned grip tape
    • Better sprint to fire pace

What makes the JAK-12 strong? Shotguns are extremely powerful at short ranges and the JAK-12 can knock down enemies with 3 shots within 8 meters with this setup. The time-to-kill is then just under 350 milliseconds.

Compared to the other strong shotguns, the JAK-12 wins at hip fire due to its narrow dispersion pattern. You should always play shotguns in Warzone without a sight, otherwise you will partly give up the big advantage - the fast TTK.

Advantages & disadvantages of the JAK-12

  • High damage
  • Big magazine
  • Strong hip fire
  • Only effective over the shortest possible ranges
  • Not quite as mobile as the shotgun from Cold War

Shotgun Alternatives

  • Gallo 12 - more mobile and a little more range
  • Streetsweeper - Best TTK shotguns, but less range

Bullfrog - The best weapon for close combat (submachine guns / pistols)

Bullfrog Warzone setup:

  • Muzzle: fire damper
    • Increases bullet speed and provides sound absorption without ADS deduction
  • Barrel: 7.4 ″ special command
    • Gives more bullet speed and range
  • Visor: Mirkoflex LED
    • Better aim through a sight
  • Ammunition: 65 rounds
  • Stock: KGB skeleton stock
    • Great mobility boost at the expense of the hip fire

What makes the Bullfrog strong? It has a high headshot multiplier and therefore a very low time-to-kill potential. Together with its large magazines and high stability, the Bullfrog is a reliable companion. If you don't always go straight for headshots, you should take a look at the MP alternatives - above all the two MP5s.

The MPs are significantly stronger again in Season 3 and are returning to the meta. In Season 2, many players were on the road with two weapons that share the same ammunition (assault rifle), although MPs are built for close combat and bring their own ammunition. Right now you can count on the little killers again.

Advantages & disadvantages of the Bullfrog

  • Strong headshots
  • Big magazines
  • Very stable
  • Damage without headshot rather average
  • Assault rifles are currently very strong in the MP area

Alternative submachine guns

ZRG 20mm - The best large sniper rifle

ZRG 20mm Warzone setup:

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
    • Dampens shots, increases bullet speed and range
  • Barrel: 43.9 ″ combat reconnaissance
    • Brings the best bullet speed
  • Lower course: bipod
    • Increases control a little
  • Ammunition: 5 rounds
    • Give you 2 more bullets in the magazine
  • Handle: snake wrap

What makes the ZRG 20mm thick? The weapon is stable, has a decent rate of fire, and has a strong bullet speed. When it comes to the great snipers, the "Cold War" newbie leaves the Warzone veterans HDR and AX-50 behind.

Their re-centering in particular is very strong. The weapon quickly returns to its starting position after a shot and is ready for the next bullet. At the moment you shouldn't use the large 20x visor - that's a bit bugged.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ZRG 20mm

  • 1-shot KOs for headshots
  • Extreme range
  • Pleasant recoil
  • The reflection of the visor makes you clearly visible to enemies
  • Difficult to use at short distances

Alternative sniper rifles

Kar 98k - The best DMR in the Warzone

Kar 98k Warzone setup:

  • Muzzle: silencer (monolith)
    • Attenuates shots and increases the range
  • Barrel: Singuard made to measure 27.6 ″
    • Improves range, bullet speed, and recoil control
  • Laser: Tactical laser
    • Increase your sighting speed and target stability
  • Sight: telescopic sight
    • Gives you a strong 7x magnification
  • Extra: dexterity
    • Increases your reload speed

Kar 98k or SP-R 208? With the release of the DMR SP-R 208 you have 2 powerful ranged weapons available in the area of ​​DMRs. The two weapons are almost on the same level in terms of strength and your preferences must ultimately decide which one you choose for you. You can find all the information you need for your decision here:

CoD Warzone: SP-R 208 and Kar 98k - The 2 best DMRs with setups in comparison

The advantage of the DMRs over the thick sniper rifles is their much better mobility. You can target faster, run faster and fire more often in succession. The SP-R 208 in particular shines with the right attachments with a very high rate of fire.

As with the sniper weapons, you can still get your opponent down with just one headshot and at medium distances the hits in the chest are even more powerful than with the sniper rifles. However, you have to catch these areas too. If you miss the chest or head, the damage is extremely small.

This makes the DMRs perfect companions for experienced snipers. The weapons have a high bullet speed and allow safe hits. However, they quickly lose damage if you don't hit the wrong part of the body or if you don't hit the head at great distances.

Advantages and disadvantages of DMRs

  • 1-shot KOs for headshots
  • High bullet speed for sure hits
  • Headshots are important at long distances
  • The reflection of the visor makes you clearly visible to enemies

Alternative DMRs

  • SP-R 208: Slightly slower and less range, but fires faster

PILA & Cigma 2 - The best rocket launchers in the Warzone

What makes the PILA & Cigma 2 so strong? With these RPGs you kill two birds with one stone. You can let out a quick shot at short distances to finish off enemies behind cover, but also target vehicles. If you're in a full team, give a team member a homing rocket launcher.

Vehicles have little chance against the projectile's projectiles. In this way you can quickly take care of a team that just wanted to drive by and in the endgame you also have a weapon with strong environmental damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of rocket launchers

  • Can target vehicles
  • Can also be fired without a target
  • Long reload times
  • Bad mobility

Alternative rocket launcher

Here you can find everything about the rocket launchers of the Warzone

The Warzone has different requirements than the multiplayer

What qualities are important in the Warzone? Due to the large range in Battle Royale and the armor, different values ​​count here than in regular multiplayer.

  • Instead of the time-to-kill, the damage-per-second value counts
  • Reach often goes beyond mobility
  • Ammunition capacity exceeds ZV speed

Why DPS instead of TTK? Not every soldier that appears in your sights has the same health value. With the armor it goes up to 250 health, but it can also be 200 or 123, depending on the history of your target. The DPS value is more interesting than the TTK because you can never tell how much health the current opponent has.

Why is range more important than mobility? Often you are confronted with greater distances to the enemy in the warzone and range helps to land good hits. Here you should pay a little attention to the balance. Some attachments for better aiming slow you down and make it more difficult for you to escape from the deadly gas when the playing field gets smaller. In general, however, a higher range brings a better result here. In close combat, however, a high level of mobility still counts.

Why more ammunition instead of faster aiming? Good ZV values ​​give you an advantage over shorter distances. But the fractions of a second are no longer so important, as the TTK goes up properly due to the armor value. With a lot of ammunition you can always have enough damage at the ready to KO your enemies and even kill a second or more opponents. With your melee weapons, however, you should make sure to keep your ZV speed at a high level.

With the best of Warzone's weapons, you'll be prepared for any firefight, but there's a lot more to know about Warzone mechanics:

Every little detail can help you make the right decision in sticky situations. Stay focused, remember the peculiarities of the map areas and check out our 6 tricks that every good player should know.