Are Ricky and Morty the same person

Why don't unfortunate Ricks just leave the Ricks Citadel?

1. Every Rick is born the same, but not every Rick is created the same right now.

Ricks are all as smart as the others because they were the same when they were born. Their very different lives, however, have resulted in differences between them, resulting in differences between the Ricks as we know them.

You see the same thing happening to Morty. "Cop Morty" has become indifferent to Morty's suffering, he is remarkably different from the other Morties.

2. Just as intelligent ricks can always disagree.

Even if Ricks are equally smart, that doesn't mean they all have the same opinion. Our Rick, believed to be just as smart as the council members themselves, disagrees on the usefulness of forming a council (our Rick specifically mentions that the Ricks council has become the bureaucracy they wanted to escape from) .

3. Rick leads a risky life.

Take S02E03, Auto Erotic Assimilation, as an example.

Our Rick had a crazy drug and alcohol orgy with Unity, but it ended after a while. Because of the multiverse, there's likely a Rick who never stopped the crazy drug and alcohol orgy (maybe with someone else, if Unity has left him).

That Rick would likely end up in a different location than our Rick. His increased drug and alcohol use can make his brain physically different, or he can get different from his life experiences (compared to our Rick), or both.

Another example, S01E09, comes up somewhat this way.

Our Rick was smart enough to see that the microscope he got from the devil would have literally left him behind (I'm on Rick's side here). Because of the multiverse, there's likely a Rick who didn't realize this and used the microscope.

This Rick would be similar to Doofus Rick, that is, very different from our Rick.

Another example, S01E06, Rick Potion No. 9.

This one is interesting because here our Rick was the one who made the mistake (Cronenberging the world). Because of the multiverse, there will definitely be a Rick who actually managed not to bring Cronenberg into his world.

Another example, also from S01E06, Rick Potion No. 9.

There's a third Rick here too, one we actually see: the Rick blowing himself up (and our Rick eventually takes his place).

Both our Rick and our Explosion Rick (for lack of a better name) are equally smart, yes one of them killed themselves in an experiment and one of them (our Rick) didn't.

All of these examples prove that just because you're equally smart doesn't mean your life is the same .

If your life turns out differently, you end up in a different place (emotionally, physically, morally), which means that your life paths have diverged.

4. Rick does what he wants and doesn't care what other people think of him.

Although Ricks were born the same, their life was not the same. They have all had different experiences, they have all learned different things.

Rick doesn't care about social status . Note that our Rick never really bother comparing his life to anyone else's, and he never spends time being the best (he's just the best). If Rick is indifferent to his social status on Earth, it makes sense that Rick should also be indifferent to his social status on the Citadel.

You succumb to one here too Affirmative bias .

My question is, why don't unfortunate Ricks just leave the Citadel of Ricks [...]?

How do you know the unfortunate Ricks haven't left yet? Chances are the only Ricks we see at the Citadel are Ricks, the are happy enough , to be there.

The Rick who takes Simple Rick hostage and asks about a portal weapon I call "Desperate Rick" had one Change of heart . In the beginning he was completely happy in his life, but what he experienced made him feel disenfranchised and wanted to escape his bleak life.

The citadel police pass this on with the line "same old story, Ricks / Mortys killing Ricks / Mortys".

Think about it.

Desperate Rick ends up dead and the police pass him off as "Rick kills Ricks". The way they say it shows that it's nothing new, it happens all the time.

Let's assume there is a Rick every day who "wakes up" and wants to leave the citadel.

  • If he's successful, we'll never see him again (at the citadel).
  • If he's unsuccessful, he will just like that desperate like the desperate Rick we saw .

Maybe "a Rick who kills Ricks" happens all the time because there is always a Rick who fails to escape the Citadel and then becomes another desperate Rick.

5. Some direct answers

We can also see in this episode that a Rick tried to make Portal Fluid (which is illegal in the Citadel) but his "math was off" and because of it, broke up.

This is nothing out of the ordinary. "Methy Rick" undertook a risky experiment (just like all Ricks), against local laws (every Rick is an adversary at heart) and killed himself (just like Blast Rick from Rick Potion No. 9).

Methy Rick's behavior is completely the same as any other Rick. It's just that that particular Rick was in the exact position of stuck on the citadel wanting portal fluid for some unknown reason.

But he was still acting like a Rick.

In the episode "Ricklantis Mixup", a factory worker almost escapes the citadel by taking Simple Rick hostage and demanding a portal weapon. He claims to be "more Rick" than anyone else.

Thinking that you are the Rickiest Rick is nothing new. Our Rick argued the same about himself.

(Angry) Morty stated in his campaign speech that "every Rick in the Citadel is just as Rick as everyone else".

It's a campaign speech. This means, it's what they want to hear , not necessarily the real truth.

If anything, the fact suggests that Morty due to his adherence to the equality chosen by Rick strongly suggests that prior to Morty's election the general atmosphere was that of one institutionalized inequality between Ricks was .

I just can't understand how to build a society where a genius likes to be a caretaker.

Why is a Happy to be caretaker on earth? Why is someone happy to be in the position he's in?

The simple answer is because they feel like it's the best life they can have .

The same can apply to Ricks. It is statistically likely that some ricks exist that either:

  • are unable to complete complex tasks (e.g. harmed by adventure, bad experiments, drug and alcohol abuse).
  • are smart enough to automate the work (although janitorial bots) and end up doing little to no work themselves.
  • are lucky enough to do a simple job to be able to live on the citadel.
  • are getting older and want a simpler life, no more risky adventures.


Good answer, but I don't know about "Ricks are all as smart as the others". If there are infinitely many ricks, some may not be there. I know Evil Morty says they all have the same IQ, but he's just trying to get elected (and he's evil); It doesn't make a lot of sense if you really think about it. What about Doofus Rick and Slow Rick, um, Tall Morty?


@Walt: According to a generic multiverse theory (not explicitly confirmed in R&M, but somewhat supported by the division dimensions in S02E01) Rick's birth would be one unique Event from which all future Rick universes are branched. In that sense, Rick's birth is a unique Event, which means that every future rick will be one of the same Fetus rick was. And if they were the same (singular) fetus Rick, that means they were the same at that point in time.


@Walt: Doofus Rick is less of an idiot than the others make him out. Also, the reason he became Doofus Rick could have occurred after Rick was born. Same goes for "Tall Morty". As I said before, there are differences, but they are Variations of the same entity named Rick Sanchez . This may involve intellectual variation, but it appears that most of the ricks we see at the Citadel all have minimal "portal technology" intelligence.