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Quora: top or flop for content marketing?


Yes, yes, always these marketers.

Constantly looking for more reach and new ones Marketing channels 😉

Of course I don't excel there. Since then the organic Reach on Facebook and Co. has decreased significantly, I am always looking for new platforms on which I can reach the right people and (hopefully) inspire them with my content.

Because of this, I went to the some time ago Question and answer platform bumped, because it actually seems perfect for Content marketing to be.

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In this article I would like to show you how you can optimally integrate the network into your marketing mix and describe my own experiences. You can, so to speak, learn from my mistakes ...

I want to be honest with you: I'm still far from being a Quora expert. My first steps were just a month ago. Nevertheless, the results (especially in relation to the time used) are quite interesting. More on that in the course of this article.

Let's start with an overview of Quora:


What is Quora?

Quora is a mix of different components. A little Facebook, a pinch of Twitter, a little GuteFrage.de and Wikipedia. It's about the Exchange of knowledge, around news and you can also gossip - the social aspect, which Wikipedia is partially missing, is part of the concept.

But what is Quora really?

Quora is very tidy. No big banners, no flashy colors. Everything seems very sober. So is Quora boring?

Not even close!

Let me show you one of the funniest questions I've seen there so far:



Haha, I had to laugh heartily first.

So Quora is about everything. To really everything. And (almost) everyone participates:

The audience is partly right elitist, especially in the English language version. Here, for example, AOL founder Steve Case and Mark Zuckerberg cavort. Although the latter has hardly been active so far - the current turbulence on Facebook is likely to keep him busy 😉

But with that we haven't really got to the bottom of the answer to the question of what Quora actually is.


Let's let Wikipedia have a say:

Quora is an American company whose aim is to provide answers to specific questions on the Internet.



Quora itself goes a little further:

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.


So the portal with the big “Q” in the logo wants to go far more than a question and answer platform be. A nice approach that the founders and former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever came up with in 2009.

No sooner said than done, so I signed up and took my first steps on Quora. I'll tell you the results below.

Before that, let's take a look at the dimensions of Quora.


Quora - a giant that is still quite unknown in Germany

A lot has happened since it was founded in 2009. Around 200 million people around the world already use Quora. This makes it one of the most visited sites of all. The platform has also been accessible in Germany since July 2017.

Run the Handelsblatt: In April 2017, the platform successfully completed the fourth financing round of 85 million US dollars. There are rumors that Quora was already valued at $ 86 million in 2010 - those are strong numbers.

Interesting detail: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is one of Quora's advisors ...

So far so good, I think you now have a better idea of ​​what Quora actually is. So now let's see how it all works!

My advice: Take a look at my detailed information Quora tutorial as video at:

Here you can subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don't miss any new videos (click)!


How does Quora work?

It's actually very simple. There are ask and there are reply. As a member, you can ask questions and provide answers. Depending on your taste.

Those who ask can ask for the answers from “experts” in the respective field and thus ensure more movement on the platform. There are upvotes and downvotes. A democratic vote is taken as to whether individual answers are useful or not. Whatever “good” means ...

The different language versions are strictly separated from each other. You can use the small globe at the top right to decide which version you want to look at.



Everything is kept very simple. true to the motto of the founders. No frills, but real ones exchange and Imparting knowledge.


Optimize your Quora profile

At first you will be asked to give your profile to be filled out.

For inspiration, mine looks like this:



In the right column you can enter further information about yourself. E.g. your employer (if you have one), as well as educational history, your place of residence and linguistic qualifications (yes, the German translations at Quora are sometimes a bit tricky).

Don't skip this step to get your Optimize your profile in the best possible way


At the top of the search box you can then search for various topics and questions. This is actually self-explanatory and doesn't require any further screenshots, I suppose.

The topics that you are interested in are also important. You can enter them immediately after registering. Spread a little wider here and then sort out.

In the right column you can adjust them afterwards:



To ask a question, you can just click on the little red box in the top left:



You can answer questions simply by clicking on “Answers”.

With a click on Settings you can change your password and adjust and view further data:



As I said, everything is actually very simple. That is why we are now moving on to the main part, namely whether the question and answer platform is interesting for your (content) marketing.


Is Quora interesting for content marketing?

First of all, I would like to refer to the one already described Approach from Quora Clues. It should be about sharing knowledge and helping others with it. That’s Quora no advertising platformwho should be plastered on my left.

Anyone who behaves in this way will not be happy there and runs the risk of being deleted.

So on Quora, let's start with a few Etiquette and Guidelines to heed. From my point of view, these are above all:

  • Help others with your knowledge
  • Observe a respectful tone and the Quora rules
  • Hold back on links (especially on paid offers)


If you take this to heart, Quora actually offers you some opportunities and marketing potential. Let's take a look at my results and experiences so that you can get an impression:

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How has my Quora test going so far?

The following results relate to the first 30 days on Quora. They can of course differ in your case (depending on the time you invest, for example) and are not easily transferable. They are just meant to give you an impression.

The first 30 days were quite “interesting”. First I made myself familiar with the platform and created a proper profile (here is a helpful English article on Quora). Then I looked at the most important questions in my fields and first got an impression of the audience.

I have one at the same time Blog or salon created and two articles of mineBlogs added by copy and paste. Right, copy and paste. After doing a little research, I learned that this shouldn't be a problem when it comes to duplicate content. So far I can confirm that.

Lo and behold: The first visitors come to the article. On average there are (to date) around ten calls a day. That's not bad, especially since nobody on the platform knew me until now!


Brief excursus for comparison: I have the same with medium made. Here the response was zero. And has stayed that way up to now. Therefore, I postponed the medium test for the time being. In matters ROI (Return On Investment) Quora is simply better so far.


Here you can see the number of views of my posts (from the blog) over the last 30 days:


Now let's look at another tactic that you can use to do more with Quora with relatively little effort visibility can produce:


Answering questions is a good lever for more visibility

The next step was that Answers to questions. Here I simply looked for the topic in the search box, as described above, for which I wanted to write answers. Alternatively, Quora will automatically give you the most important questions on the topics that you have entered in your profile.


A tip about this: You don't have to rewrite all of the answers over and over. For example, I did it in such a way that I copied passages from my blog or used parts of my script for my online courses. I then adjusted it a little and posted it. Then all I could do was wait and see what would happen

Another tip: Check back and forth to see if there are similar questions on Quora. Here you can simply copy the already rusted text (possibly adapt to the question) and then paste it into the similar question. This will save you a lot of time and increase the chance that more people will see your answer.

Also, always look at how many members actually follow the question and how many they have already seen. You can quickly see this at the bottom right of the respective page:


I didn't know that at the beginning and answered a few questions that were hardly seen because of it ...

Here you can see how many members have seen my questions so far:



If I then look at the accesses from Quora via Google Analytics, then I have an effect (the conversion is around 5%) that is interesting for the short time and the low expenditure of time.

And then there is the factor Search engine optimization (SEO):


Quora also shows great promise when it comes to SEO

Another plus that can help you reach more coverage based on the answers: Your answers (and questions - yes, of course you can ask questions yourself at Quora) have a high potential, also in the Search results to show up. Speak to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Co.

That can give you additional and long-term traffic bring in. You can also use the platform to quickly find additional keywords and questions that are asked about your topic. I am using this possibility of keyword research more and more often, parallel to the search Ubersuggest or that KW finder.

My advice: Use one bitly linkso that you can always track exactly whether the visitor actually came through Quora.


Use the traffic from Quora

The flow of visitors resulting from your activity on Quora should of course be used. I am happy to add links to my own pages in appropriate places.

Here's an example taken from my answer to a question on Quora:



Bring this one link (highlighted in blue in the example above) always in such a way that he thematically fits. A carelessly thrown link without context to the circulating text will not bring you anything.

in the Quora editor you can also bring in images and other visual content. I recommend that to you, because visual content usually do a lot more attention and are activating as pure text content.


How much time did I invest in getting these results?

In all honesty, I wasn't active on Quora armed with a stopwatch and answered questions 😉 The time required for my contributions is definitely very manageable. Thanks to the simple copy and paste process, it was only a few minutes per post.

The answers take a little more time. Here it depends on whether I was able to simply insert text modules from already finished articles. Overall, the time required is also very limited here. When I consider how much I would have had to spend for over 1,000 views through PPC advertising via Facebook or Google and relate that to the time invested, then I don't find the result bad at all.

As I said, this is a Interim report mine Quora tests. The numbers can of course change. I try to update this article every now and then to give you an even better insight.


The thing about the expert positioning

Additional traffic is all well and good. However, there are other things that are crucial. This includes, for example, a certain one Expert status. Of course, there are a number of things you can do to build a solid reputation for yourself:

You can write a book, blog, hold workshops and lectures, or build your own online business with online courses.

Quora also offers you a lot for this. Due to the growing number of hits (note how little time it took my content to get well over 1,000 hits) you build an internal platform Audience and you are well on the way to being on the platform for your area as a expert to be viewed.

The same goes for visitors who come from outside of your Quora profile bump. If you then have a high number of calls (these are displayed in your profile from the 1000 limit, then it sends strong signals. And it ensures trust. In combination with a solid Expert status is this the basis for someone buying something from you or simply leaving an email address?

For me, with the solid expert status via Quora, I'll admit that it will take a little more time. But the first experiences have been positive and I am therefore confident that my commitment to Quora will pay off in the medium term.


Quora as a research platform

Quora is also great for hottest topics to be found in your area. Next Buzzsumo or the Google- and Amazon search the platform is also one of the first points of contact for me when looking for new trendy topics ..

The English version of Quora is currently particularly suitable for this. Simply enter your topic in the search here and see what suggestions Quora gives you - voila, you already have new topics for content!


PhD through Quora

If your answer is very popular, then you can benefit from one Quora Promotion come. This means that Quora is sending your response to a lot of its members. There is of course a lot of potential in there!

My content has not yet been selected for this, but it can certainly happen. I will keep you up to date 🙂


Conclusion: Is the question-answer platform worth it?

Quora and content marketing - how well do they go together?

My first conclusion: There is potential in there.

Also in German-speaking countries. Quora German can definitely be worth it. Especially if your topic takes place there and some questions and answers already exist. This is a good indication that it is worth getting started. With qualified answers you can then generate traffic relatively easily and your Strengthen expert status.

What I particularly like about Quora is the social aspect. The Network idea is strong and gives the whole thing a pleasant note.

As already mentioned, this is only a preliminary conclusion. The first time was promising with little investment of time. If you follow a few rules, invest a few minutes every now and then (and heed the tips for answering questions from above), then this effort will be worthwhile within a short time.

And the nice thing about it (besides the fact that you help others with your answers, of course 🙂): The traffic doesn't just break off like that, but persists for some time.


Are you represented on Quora?

Please visit me my account!

Have you already made your own experiences there?

Share them with us in the comments!


Rock on




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