Can a transgender woman still ejaculate MtF?

gender transformation

Requirements for children and young people

First of all, there is an age limit for gender reassignment. According to the guideline of the German Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, age of majority, i.e. a minimum age of 18 years, is recommended in order to undergo surgical treatment for transsexuals. Hormones are possible from the age of 16.

However, before hormones are used in adolescents who wish to undergo sex reassignment - first as part of puberty-inhibiting and then gender reassignment measures - psychotherapeutic treatment is required. This is all done to ensure that the desire to have a sex change isn't just a phase.

The situation is still different at the moment if a child cannot be clearly assigned to “man” or “woman” at birth based on gender characteristics. If there are characteristics of the male and female sex, so that, for example, the outward appearance is female, but testicles form in the abdomen, whose testosterone the body cells cannot process, experts speak of intersexuality. Operations are possible here in the first few years or directly after the birth. However, there is already a draft law from the Federal Ministry of Justice that wants to ban such operations before the age of 14 in the future if there is neither health nor life risk.

Requirements for an adult GAOP

Adults need two reportsattesting that they are transgender and an indication of the need for a sex change from a doctor who is experienced in transsexuality and who has worked with the patient for a long time.

The "Standards of Care" of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) also recommend that those affected should have sex reassignment surgery should have lived in the desired gender role for at least twelve months and at least half a year to eight months of a so-called opposite sex hormone treatment have undergone.