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Most important problems for Switzerland in 2020

Published by Statista Research Department, 11/23/2020
In a survey carried out in Switzerland in August 2020 on the country's most important problems, the corona pandemic was mentioned by 51 percent of those surveyed, making it the most common. This is followed by the areas of AHV / old-age provision with 37 percent and unemployment / youth unemployment with 31 percent.

How are the numbers to be interpreted?

The personally interviewed survey participants were presented with a list of specific topics, from which they were asked to select the five most important from their point of view. It is a so-called supported selection; the opposite would be spontaneous mentions without guidelines. In addition, it should be noted that the presumably differently perceived importance of the five selected topics cannot be read in the aggregated figures. Ultimately, the most important issues can differ depending on the population group, for example among young people.

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