How to preserve flowers with hairspray

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Air drying • other methods

It is no wonder that many people would like to enjoy a particularly beautiful bouquet beyond the life of the plant. Perhaps the bouquet was given to you on a special occasion, or it is simply the joy of beauty that arouses interest in preserving the flowers over time. Or it is even about the wedding bouquet. What could be more obvious than conservation!

The most common way to hold a bouquet for a long time is usually by drying it. Dried flowers, of course, have a different appearance than fresh flowers, but they can last for a really long time.

However, drying flowers is not only suitable for keeping fresh flowers after their ripening period - drying methods are of course also necessary for the production of dried flowers.

As a layperson, you are probably interested in drying your own bouquets, which is why methods are also discussed here, how you can treat a bouquet yourself in such a way that it is preserved; however, we also cover methods that florists use to make dry bouquets.

The easiest way to dry an bouquet at home is to use hairspray. Wait for a good time to ripen (usually before the bouquet wilts, but after a long enough time that you have kept it fresh). Then they hang the flowers with the stems up in a reasonably dry, but still airy and dark place. Spray the plant properly with hairspray and wait for the flowers to dry.

This very simple method of "home drying" is of course not quite as promising as the methods used by florists, but you can certainly achieve some considerable success with it.

However, if you want to be a little safer and have higher expectations of the result of your drying, it is advisable to use some of the guidelines that florists use when making dry bouquets. There are basically three different methods of professional production of dried flowers: drying in the air, drying with silica gel and drying with glycerine.

Basically, every part of the plant must meet a certain cut maturity, which is special for this part of the plant if you want to dry it. Some plants have to be harvested in bud, half-bloomed, fully bloomed, after blooming and seed set, in the full state of maturity, with colored bracts, after the end of maturity or when they are completely colored. If you want to harvest flowers to dry yourself, it is best to follow the guidelines for the readiness of cut flowers - these are not entirely correct from a floristic point of view, but usually do not achieve bad results. We do not provide a separate table for the readiness for cutting of dried flowers here.

Anyone who believes in the influence of the phases of the moon should only cut the flowers intended for drying after the full moon, i.e. when the moon is waning.

Once you have determined the right time to begin drying, you should also select an appropriate method that works for your goal.