Why are ants in my room

Ants in the house: how to fight the crawlers

Streets full of ants first find their way through your garden and then through your house? It doesn't have to be. You can read the best tips for fighting ants here.

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Why do ants come into the house?
How does the ant get into the house?
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An ant alone is not a problem. It only becomes difficult when several of the insects make themselves comfortable in their own four walls instead of in the forest. After all, the insects attack our food. Some species, including the wooden ant, like to make themselves comfortable in wood. For example, they hollow out windows, beams or stairs in order to build their nests there and thus destroy the wood. Other known species of ants include:

  • Ross ant
  • Garden ant
  • Fire ant
  • Red-backed house ant
  • Black head ant
  • Pharaoh ant

Why do ants come into the house?

As a rule, native species of ants make their way into our homes, especially in spring or summer. The reason: During these months, the ant does not always find enough food in its natural environment. In spring, the food sources necessary for the ants - for example aphid excretions - are not yet sufficiently developed. In summer the ant likes to look for already established food sources.

In our houses at these times the ants will find a plentiful supply of food - they will have a particular eye on foods that contain sugar or protein, such as animal feed or food that is left open. Since the ants only enter our home for the purpose of foraging, their nests remain in nature.

Nevertheless - albeit much less often - it can happen that native species of ants nest in the house. Sometimes queens end up inside the house after their wedding flight, where they then make themselves comfortable in wood.

It is also possible for tropical species to crawl around the house. People have usually brought these into their own homes: for example, through used items from the flea market or holiday luggage.