Im 16 i can find my soul mate

16 unconventional signs you've found your soulmate

What are the unconventional signs you've found your soulmate?

If you've been, are, or planning to be in a relationship, you have probably wondered what signs indicate that you have met your soulmate.

Is a soul mate something everyone has?

Does each of us have just one perfect soulmate out there? What if we don't find ours? Maybe you found yours, but the relationship is over?

These are difficult and powerful questions. And there is no precise answer to that.

Examples of signs that you have found your soulmate are when you finish each other's sentences or when you say the same thing at the same time.

A soulmate inspires you to be a better person, the two of you agree on your core beliefs, there is an intensity or energy between the two of you ... but these are just some of the signs that you have found your soulmate.

Many of us have been in relationships and / or marriages. We have made an appointment. Perhaps some of us stayed in the very first relationship we had. But many of us have had a few relationships behind us.

Did these relationships fail because we just weren't soulmates with the person? When we meet someone, are there any clues to look for? How do we really know when we found her?

In this post, we dive deep into what a soulmate is. They are unconventional signs that you have found the person with whom you have a deep and inseparable bond ...

1. You broke up - often unpredictably and unexpectedly

Soulmates will seldom become "happy for the rest of their days" immediately, regardless of what the media and culture tell us. Often the encounter is too intense to take up immediately and you have to part for a while.

But when you have learned to deal with the intensity of this connection, you will find your way back.

2. They have changed you for the better

The people who influence us the most are the ones who have changed us just because they are present in our lives and turned everything upside down that we thought we knew and wanted.

This is not a bad thing, it usually should be.

3. You recognize a family member in them

That sounds strange, but I can always tell my best friends and romantic partners that they will be someone to me the first time they meet because they instantly remind me of my mom or dad or siblings - not in a creepy way but in a passing, "oh, that's funny ..." way.

4. The feeling of the encounter

You may not have "immediately known" that she was the "right" person when you saw her, but with hindsight you realize that you did.

There is a lot of overwhelming pressure to be absolutely certain that someone is meant to be you forever and ever, that while you are still getting to know them and maybe not even able to decipher that much, you will end up making wrong judgments because you think that you need a judgment.

All in all, however, you look back and realize, yes - that's it.

5. Your worst self came out with them, and only to them

The truest soulmates are a direct reflection of you - so they inevitably show you everything that is unhealed. And that's exactly what makes this connection so special and pure - you can't fool yourself, you can't be anything other than yourself.

6. You recognize each other almost as if you had known each other before

Because you most likely did.

7. Unusual connections between important dates (such as your births, your meeting, etc.)

You were born exactly 9 months apart, you met on your brother's birthday ... there tends to be an odd synchronicity that surrounds the dates when you meet a soulmate.

8. Puzzling dreams

You had strange, cryptic dreams of each other before you met, even if you couldn't identify an exact face or person.

9. Inner gut feeling

If not dreams, then you had a gut feeling that they were coming.

From an early age, you only wanted to find that “one person for you”. You weren't interested in dating peers, you just wanted to find the "real" thing and leave it at that.

10. You met when you were young and reunited when you were older

Either in actual years or only in spiritual and mental maturity.

11. You know something when you look them in the eye ...

And it's basically indefinable, but you don't see it in anyone else.

12. You can feel what they are feeling, even if you are not naturally empathetic

You know when something is wrong, either physically or otherwise. You can sense what they are thinking and feeling without them even showing you anything.

13. It's more than just a feeling

Meeting her showed you that romantic love - especially between soulmates - is so much more than just a fleeting, physical feeling. It's really more of an inner knowing, a gut feeling that permeates your whole relationship, even when (and maybe especially when) you're apart.

14. You feel an intense chemistry that you have never experienced before

You are more attracted to them than anything else in the world, and you have never gone through the phases in which you are interested in each other, going out, etc. You were just kind of together as if you had never been apart.

15. They are your "home"

You realize that "home" is the person or place you always want to return to, and they are for you.

16. In spite of everything, you realize that it cannot be otherwise - the choice has already been made

You can love other people in life. You could theoretically spend your life happily with a thousand other people, but you know you shouldn't.

With that in mind, it's never about getting the relationship up and running, rather just letting it unfold as best you can, even with no physical evidence.