What does Holla

holla (German)

Part of speech: interjection

get | la
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈHɔla]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Exclamation expressing surprise, astonishment
Origin of the term:
It is an old imperative of the verbto fetch, which was originally used as a call to the ferryman in the sense of 'get over!'
Application examples:
1) "Holla!“, The mouse beeped. "Don't try so hard, my fat one!" (Based on a fable by Aesop)
1) "Holla! Where did the ball come from now? "
Saying / idioms:
1) Holla the forest fairy!


  • French: 1) oh là là
  • Swedish: 1) oj, åhå, holla
  • Spanish: 1) ¡epa!

Anagrams:Hello Hello

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

And then you are amazed: Well holla, now even “Spiegel” and “Zeit” are starting to defend these unruly Saxons.
Leipziger Internet Zeitung, January 11, 2021

Except that the story and the game should be totally awesome ... and holla, so they were! 13 characters sounds way too much at the beginning.
jpgames.de, December 29, 2020

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Hello:… 1) olá Swedish: 1) hallå, ståhej Spanish: 1) barullo (male), jaleo (male) Similar terms: Hall, Halle, halle, Halo, holla…

Heligoland: ... Holy Land b) more likely, however, comes from the etymolg. Root the afries. or asächs. holla "head", "elevation", as it is contained in many place names. See also Helgen ...

Holla the forest fairy: ... pop music, much more drastic lyrics. Would I translate it for you now, but then: Holla, the forest fairy. 1) Apparently fewer and fewer people want to go to stupid halls with ...

Hm:… [High-low: hm-m] consent synonyms: 1) nam-nam! [Baby talk] 2) Take it easy - 3) o !, holla! 4) yes application examples: 1) “Hmm,” he exclaimed, “so fresh potatoes ...

There are things that don't exist:… My goodness / oh, my goodness, that's a thing 1) ah, ey, ha, hach, hello, he, hey, hoi, holla, yes, well, no, oh, oha / Austrian: öha , oops, wow Application examples: ...

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