Why does football have a running clock

Various reactions to the planned "Super League":


"Daily Mail": «The Big Six of English football have joined a new European Super League in an earthquake movement that sparked war in sport. The decision threatens to split English football after the Premier League sent a letter to the clubs on Sunday night that it would not agree to any such competition. "

"The Guardian": “It's an idea that only someone who really hates football to the bone can come up with it. Who hates football so much that he wants to prune, gouge and dismantle it, from grassroots games to the World Cup.


"La Gazzetta dello Sport": "The Super League is in contradiction to the attempt to revalue the Italian championship and even more in contrast to the project of the new Champions League, which plans to expand the competition to 36 teams from 2024 onwards."

"La Repubblica": «The night that changed European football» - «The closed super league (...) ends the qualification on the field - and with it the basic concept of deserved success - in which the requirement of everyone's participation applies. An unacceptable loss. "


«Marca»: “The creation of the new league comes at a time when the global pandemic has accelerated the instability of the current economic model of European football. For years the goal of the founding clubs was to improve the quality and intensity of the existing European competitions and, above all, to create a tournament in which the best clubs and players could meet more often. "


"Kronen Zeitung": “The heavyweights of European football are serious. Twelve top clubs want to found a European super league as soon as possible. "


"New York Times": “It's really no surprise that the rebels believe their plan may work and that there is no red line. That whatever they do we will all keep watching and the ball will keep rolling. It's no surprise that they think they can do whatever they want. After all, they have had that for years and no one has stopped them so far. "