Should I have money or a career

Career & money or doing what makes me happy?


Nowadays, more and more employees are asking themselves what to do. The job is only fun to a limited extent, it is stressful and it is nerve-racking. But what is more important? Career and money or a job that is like a calling and makes you happy? We took a closer look at the topic. In this article you will learn in detail which choice is better and what there is to know about it.


Many suffer from your work

Many workers view their work as suffering, a kind of necessity in order to make a living. But this attitude is a hindrance in the long run and will not make you happy in the long run.

You may have the skills and do your job well, but your work doesn't make you that happy. Many people get along with my career and money and stick to this attitude consistently - but the whole thing is not really fulfilling.


Many people today long for fulfillment

There are more and more studies that shed more light on employees in Germany. It is becoming increasingly common to hear that the number of unhappy workers is increasing. The consequence of this is logical: Motivation drops and work performance leaves something to be desired sooner or later.

In order to end this period of suffering, employees change jobs at least more frequently, but internally long for a calling. Would you like to do a job that fulfills you? A job in which you can use your abilities to the full, develop yourself and fully enjoy yourself.

But is that possible and what are the exact differences between career and money as well as the desire for a vocation? We'll take a closer look at that below.


What are the differences between profession, job and calling?

Do you find it difficult or possibly not at all to work out the differences between these three terms? Don't panic, you are not alone with this problem. Especially since the terms only differ on the basis of small things.

When looking at the term job, it quickly becomes clear that it usually refers to the performance of an activity. The goal here is to make money. However, whether the work is pleasing or more than a necessity is not clear without the addition of emotional additions.

If employees call their job a job, this is a job that is carried out for a longer period of time, requires training and for which you want to earn a monthly salary. And then there is the vocation - this term is more ideological and describes an activity that you can fully identify with, that fulfills you and that you absolutely enjoy doing even on not so cool days.


Does the job or profession have to be fun?

A crucial question that many employees ask themselves several times over the course of their careers. From a rational point of view, this question should be answered with a resounding yes. In the best case scenario, your work should be fun and enjoyable for you. In many industries and companies, however, everyday life and reality usually look completely different.


Work monotonous and boring? Find your dream job

It is often said that the work is monotonous, dull and boring. If you describe your work in the same way, you should probably act. There is a dream job for everyone that will help you achieve your work-life balance.

Let yourself be inspired and find your very own calling. How it works? Among other things, with self-coaching, experts and answering the following questions:

  • What kind of life do you want to lead?
  • Which professional activities do you enjoy and which make sense to you?
  • Which topics are you interested in, what are you happy about and what do you find easy?

You do not necessarily have to change jobs; a change of position within the company can be sufficient in many cases. For example, don't you want to work in-house in sales because you'd rather deal directly with customers? Then it may be enough to switch from back office to field service.


Conclusion - both are possible

Ultimately, both solutions are possible. You can have a lifelong career and money, or find a job that completely fulfills you. Which solution is ultimately the best for your situation, you have to clarify for yourself on a case-by-case basis. The bottom line, however, is that both types are possible.


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