There is an end to digital marketing

Rethinking tomorrow's marketing

The fact that artificially created and stereotyped advertising promises are uncovered as a myth with one click and therefore tend to lower than to increase the brand image is repeatedly ignored. Especially for "digital natives"authenticityand transparent information important assessment criteria. What this generation also expects from brands are real services and benefits. In the future, it will not be the brands with the brightest, loudest and shrillest campaigns that will be celebrated by consumers, but those that doneedsdiscover and respond to them with intelligent services.

For this, brand managers must be able to listen more than ever, for example with the help of "listening tools", and respond to what concerns (potential) customers who are increasingly using the internet. In the future, communication about a product will no longer be the decisive part of marketing activities, but rather the tracking down and finding of "Brand Answers" on Needs.

Many international brands and niche products use the possibilities of new technologies and their knowledge of customer needs to strengthen their market position. Nike's digital tracking tools or services likeAirbnbandOverare examples of this new kind of need satisfaction that has arisen from a new kind of interaction. A travel agent who relies on glossy advertising instead of authentic insights these days will lose out in the travel agent market.