How does Sensodyne toothpaste relieve toothache

Treatment of tenderness

Choose the right toothpaste for your needs

When choosing your toothpaste, other product benefits are also important. You should consider all of them and consider which ones are important to you personally:

  • Whitening
  • Gum protection
  • Fresh breath
  • Tooth enamel protection
  • Multi action
  • Repair of sensitive teeth **

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How is Sensodyne® applied?

In order to reduce the symptoms of pain sensitivity and to clean your teeth effectively, we recommend brushing twice a day with a fluoride-containing Sensodyne® Toothpaste, as well as the use of a toothbrush with soft bristles, such as the Sensodyne® Complete Protection Toothbrush. Ask your dentist about appropriate oral hygiene.

* Source: Nielsen, MarketTrack, Zahnpasta, Sensitive, LH + DFH incl.Hofer / Lidl, sales in €, MAT until week 24 2018, Austria.

** A protective layer is formed on the pain-sensitive areas of the teeth. Regular use, twice a day, provides lasting protection against pain sensitivity.