Is i5 good for streaming

Stream over I5 9600k or GTX 1060

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm just starting to stream and have a few more questions. I've streamed 6GB with my GTX 1060 so far and wonder if that's better than the CPU? This is an I5 9600K.

    If you want to know for which games, then for fast ego shooters as well as slow strategy games. So would like to know in which case you take what, or whether one of the two solutions is the better for everything.

    I was considering upgrading the GPU to a 1660TI or RTX 2060 Super. Would that change a lot when streaming compared to the current setup? If the CPU is the better choice, that would have been done.

    I'm interested in your answers.

  • The 9600k only has 6 cores / 6 threads - not enough for worry-free streaming in my opinion.

    You could get a higher quality in some games with x264 that don't load your processor as much, but I don't think there are very many with 6 cores / 6 threads

    And if so, the quality improvement would only be minimal.

    With NVENC (new) you’re not doing badly in this case.

    An upgrade from a 1060 to a 1660 or 2060 super would be nonsense. You're currently upgrading to the next generation.

    I would prefer to continue streaming with the 1060 as long as it is still going well and then upgrade to a 3070 or higher (if you want to continue streaming via your graphics card)

    Of course you can do the upgrade now and you would surely see more performance (because the next generation has a better h264 encoder installed), but I don't think you can expect a big performance boost.

    Just as a note.
    I think the 1060 will still spit out quite a good picture, unless you have a constant 10+ viewer, I might not be too worried about the quality.
    The picture quality is only a quarter of the story, plus audio, overlay / online presence and charisma. Maybe a little more networking and social media.
    I would maybe improve in this area first and then when the new NVidia generation comes out, save the money you would now throw out and then get a decent ## 70 or ## 80 GTX, which then lasts longer and offers more performance just my 2 cents

  • Ah that will definitely help me. Thank you for the detailed answer.

  • Hello,

    even if the stream would look a lot better via a current NVIDIA GPU, I would not upgrade for that reason alone.

    In terms of performance, you would make a big leap. In addition, your current graphics card slows down your CPU quite a lot if you are not playing on low settings. They just don't go together in terms of performance.

    There are rumors that NVIDIA will be introducing the 3000 series in March, but that doesn't mean that there will be some for sale by then. In addition, NVIDIA usually releases the expensive high-end cards first. So it can also be that an RTX3060 z. B. only comes in summer or autumn.
    In the end, you have to know for yourself whether you need more power or can wait.

    A 2060 Super z. B. would have about 60% more gaming performance than your GTX1060.
    In addition, streaming via a current NVIDIA card is much more efficient than your old one, which would increase the performance leap again.

  • Okay all right, thank you