What is the best starter kit for Arduino

Arduino Starter Kit - the best-selling starter kits in the test

Arduino are a microcontroller platform made up of open software and hardware. The Arduinos are very popular with hobbyists and developers because they are very easy to expand, there are free tools for programming and they are well documented. Arduino was launched by Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles in 2005 in Italy. They developed microcontroller boards and published the circuit diagrams as open source on the network. Due to a naming dispute, the models in Europe are called Genuino, but are otherwise identical to the Arduinos. There are now a large number of devices, some are even out of date again. There is an overview of current platforms on the official Arduino page.

Entry-level models are the most widely supported Arduino Uno. There are also the 101, micro and mini versions, smaller boards and even wearables. The Arduino Uno, for which there are numerous starter kits, is recommended for familiarization. Arduino boards are programmed on the PC and transferred via USB. The programs are then in the Arduino's flash memory and then run without a PC. For example, simple digital function generators can be implemented or signals can be recorded as on an oscilloscope. The most popular kits are presented below.

A comparison of the Arduino Starter Kit:

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