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Robin McAuley
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Queensryche were one of my first big loves - "Rage For Order" and "Operation Mindcrime" will forever count among my absolute top records. Since the absolutely satisfying "Promised Land", my "Intellekt-Metallers" have unfortunately only disappointed me and after the total failures "Q2K" and "Hear in Now Frontier" I play "Tribe", despite the participation of Chris De Garmoa, rather skeptical of my player.

The first run develops into a blind flight, which does not allow any judgments and the next few runs are not very informative either. Any disc by any other band would have flown out of my shaft by now at the latest and been filed under the category "unfortunately". Since Queensryche are not just anyone for my soul, the disc continues to rotate and after very extensive advances I have really made friends with it.

Queensryche act much more leisurely and relaxed than on their masterpieces mentioned above and "Tribe" is, if at all, only halfway comparable to "Promised Land". The gatekeeper "Open" and the strong "Losing Myself" rock nicely in the mentioned direction and know how to impress right from the start. "Desert Dance", with a modern touch, but with a very cool start, suffers a bit from the very trendy chorus, "Falling Behind" is a wonderful ballad with hit potential and "Great Divide" rocks fine too. The title track is bulky and funky with a great chorus, "Under My Skin" is convincing more and more and the originally average "Blood" is developing into one of my favorite songs on the album. All in all, Queensryche have created a perfectly produced and homogeneous album that is equipped with dreamlike melodies, wonderful vocallines and many interesting songs.

In the end, "Tribe" is a super arranged and absolutely strong rock album by a mature band, which unfortunately only rarely reminds of old brilliant deeds and only deserves the title Heavy Metal with compromises, open-minded old fans, but above all a lot could inspire new cronies from different "social classes".
After the first disappointment and the realization that the good times at Metal Olympus are finally over for the Americans, Queensryche manage to convince me for the first time since "Promised Land" and present an independent album, which should definitely be given a chance after a few runs it makes it clear what class and potential this band has.