What are unripe tomatoes

Let the green tomatoes ripen

Status: 09/25/2020 2:57 p.m.

Green tomatoes that no longer turn red in autumn due to low temperatures do not need to be thrown away. The unripe vegetables can ripen in the house.

by Ralf Walter

In late summer and autumn, many tomato plants still produce plenty of green fruit. If the temperatures are low and the sun rarely shines, the tomatoes can no longer ripen outside. However, the green fruits are too good to throw away. The unripe tomatoes should therefore be picked and brought into the house to ripen.

Store unripe tomatoes at 18 to 20 degrees

Simply wrap the green tomatoes in newspaper or put them in a paper bag. Packaged in this way, the tomatoes are placed in a room that is as warm as possible, ideally 18 to 20 degrees. The tomatoes do not need light to ripen. After a few days they should have turned red. Ripening can be accelerated by adding an apple. The apple secretes a ripening gas that supports the process.

Hang up in the boiler room

If you still have a lot of green tomatoes on your plant, you can simply cut off the tomato plant at the bottom, remove the leaves and hang it upside down in a warm room, for example in a boiler room. Even so, you will have delicious tomatoes after a few days.

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