Is yoga exercise beneficial

21 Yoga Benefits: This Really Benefits Your Mind and Body

Does the daily practice of yoga offer benefits for our body and our health? And how! We have collected the greatest benefits for you. Read and be amazed.

How do you know that the yoga hype has also reached your city? To girls in yoga tights. Of yoga mats that are used as new accessories. And because it's totally normal for someone to stand in the park. With your head down. And the bottom up.

That’s the dog looking down, by the way. It is one of the asanas in yoga. And is an integral part of most yoga sessions. Asa ... - what? You only understand train station?

You can find out in this post

What exactly yoga is

Yoga has been practiced for ages. In the last few decades the fascination for India has spilled further and further west. And now an integral part of our fitness landscape.

But yoga is much more than the sporting component. Originally it is about the connection between mind and body. Yoga can hardly be defined more precisely. Because there are many styles and mixed forms that pursue different goals.

Asanas, pranayamas and meditation

At its core, however, yoga always includes the three main components: asanas, pranayamas and meditation. So it is about the posture for certain yoga positions in connection with conscious breathing and mindfulness.

Depending on the style, the focus is placed differently in the foreground. Kundalini Yoga is particularly about breathing. While hatha yoga is very physically demanding.

Finger yoga is so effective against stress!

Connection between body, soul and spirit

During a yoga workout, the various asanas are held for a certain period of time. Flowing movements link the individual positions, so that a flow is created. That brings balance and inner equilibrium.

At the same time, breathing plays an important role. By consciously breathing in and out, more oxygen gets into our body. This brings serenity and helps us to look inward.

Between yoga mats and spirituality

Can you only practice yoga if you have a connection to spirituality? Of course not. Everyone can choose the style and practice that suits them best. That may be different for everyone.

Still, yoga has fantastic benefits in many areas. For this reason we will show you here: For whom is yoga useful? And what does yoga do in the body? Why does yoga have mental and physical benefits?

The great thing about yoga: You hardly need any expensive equipment.

21 yoga benefits for body, mind and soul

1. Yoga can be practiced at any time

Yoga is always possible. And everywhere. In the morning as part of the routine. Midday in the park. Go to bed in the evening before going to sleep. Depending on the time of day, it has different effects on our body and mind.

7 wonderful yoga exercises for two

In the morning it helps to activate the muscles and stimulate the metabolism. In the evening, tensions in the body are released and the stress of the day is left behind. You can find a great morning yoga workout here: Namast’ay in bed: Start the day with morning yoga.

2. Anyone can do yoga

It doesn't matter how old you are. Whether woman or man or child. Even pregnant women can practice yoga. The only important thing is to take care of your own body. That means perceiving and respecting the boundaries.

But in the end, that's exactly what yoga is about: love and connection with your own body. Mindfulness of how far you can go. And paying attention to which asanas are good for you. And what you prefer to leave.

3. There is something for everyone

Yoga is for fitness junkies. Just like for people who are looking for inner peace and balance. The many different styles and mixed forms make it possible for everyone to pick what they like.

If you are looking for relaxation and want to gently loosen your body, we recommend Yin Yoga. Turns off the cell phone. Take a 20 minute break. Here you will find your time out: with a simple Yin Yoga Flow for more relaxation.

4. You only need one mat for the perfect flow

You can practice yoga without aids. We recommend a mat and some space. If you already have some experience, you can use yoga blocks. This way, certain positions can be performed better.

But even for this, pillows or books are enough as alternatives. And in principle it doesn't even need a mat. It is possible to practice it on a SUP board or in your own bed. That completely depends on your taste. :)

5. Fit from the tips of your hair to your toes

What does yoga do for the body? Yoga activates the muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the body. As a result, many muscles are trained and built. But of course you can also focus on certain muscle groups or areas of the body.

Say goodbye to back pain now! These yoga exercises are guaranteed to help!

Some yoga postures help strengthen the back muscles. Others give you more flexibility in your hips. Or stabilize the upper body. The field is broad :)

6. Sharpen intuition and listen to our gut feeling

Far too often we approach the world with rationality. We listen to the mind and ignore our gut feeling. We find no space in the complex world to perceive our intuition.

Mindfulness in particular helps sharpen our intuition. This is important because, in fact, the gut makes better decisions than the mind. Because it also takes into account our subconscious, to which the mind has no access.

7. Countless Yoga Benefits and Much More Energy

Sometimes we feel so drained. Broken, exhausted. Slain by the world. Now at the latest, the mat should be rolled out and the cell phone should be quiet and far away.

Because asanas, pranayamas and meditation are better than any short vacation. Our dead batteries are charged within minutes. And all of the stress is relieved.

8. Lose weight with yoga

Combining the asanas with conscious breathing increases the oxygen level in the blood. Among other things, this ensures that the kidneys, liver and digestive organs can work better. This detoxifies the body better.

The best exercises for more energy in the morning!

In addition, regular yoga practice ensures that the body feeling is better. As a logical consequence, nutrition is often better and more thoughtful. This makes us feel fitter and even lose extra pounds.

9. Yoga helps against discomfort

Sometimes there are those days. Stress breaks in on us. The food in the cafeteria was below average. We feel a little gross and somehow we feel latently sick.

It doesn't always have to be the looking down dog or a handstand. Gentle postures have great yoga advantages: They stimulate the activity of our organs. We feel fitter and better. Is your digestion bothering you? Have a look here: The 6 best yoga exercises for a bloated stomach.

10. Train muscles effectively with yoga

Training with dumbbells or kettleballs definitely has a right to exist! But if you get on the mat regularly, you can make even more yoga advantages your own: the muscles are built up more slowly, but much more effectively.

The reason for this are the asanas. They are held for a few seconds. This particularly strengthens the deep muscles and muscle endurance. The sore muscles are more painful, but the result lasts much longer :)

11. Posture is improved

Anyone who sits at their desk a lot knows the problem too well. The neck is tense. The shoulders drop forward. The result is a semi-attractive posture that subtly overshadows our feather-light attitude and glamorous charisma.

In many asanas, the back muscles and the upper trunk are trained. In the individual positions it is about tensing the muscles and loosening them again. As a result, the upper body automatically becomes upright and the posture is healthier.

Put an end to tension! These are very good exercises against sticky fascia!

12. More flexibility through regular practice

Are There Other Yoga Benefits For The Body? What does yoga do for the figure? In addition to effective muscle building and the activation of body areas and organs? Yes!! Because it also increases the mobility of the body.

The first balancing act will certainly not be possible after 1 month. It takes some practice and patience. But it helps to become agile and flexible in the body. This avoids stiffness and relieves tension. Here you will find a great workout for it: The ultimate yogi guide: With these 7 yoga positions you will be flexible.

13. The hormonal balance is brought into equilibrium

Another point on the list of yoga benefits: the hormonal balance is regulated. Performing asanas stimulates glands. These are responsible for the release of hormones.

Different positions also have different effects. The child's pose has a calming effect on the adrenal gland. The release of the stress hormone cortisol can easily be counteracted here.

14. The immune system is strengthened

Yoga benefits also affect our health. Often times, stress is the reason our body forces us to take a break. Sometimes we don't even notice how restless we are.

Through conscious breathing, meditation and certain asanas, stress and negative emotions are relieved. The practice also helps to detoxify the body, because the blood circulation and the lymphatic system are stimulated.

15. Find relaxation and serenity in everyday life

Our world is so fast moving. Infinitely many impressions pound our minds all the time. We skillfully maneuver ourselves through all these external impulses and sometimes forget to give our mind a break. Because it filters all impressions for us.

Start the day in top shape with Namast’ay in bed

Gives us only what is essential (for us). But sometimes it's too much. And we feel stressed. Yoga and meditation help to stay calm in everyday life and to find inner peace. You can find out what effects meditation still has here: Meditate daily: It really happens in your brain.

16. More concentration thanks to yoga

Yoga is not just about knotting yourself in a particularly impressive way. During the Yoga Flow the focus goes back to conscious breathing. This helps to train concentration.

Yes, the more often and more seriously you practice yoga, the easier it will be for you. To make yourself aware that your carousel of thoughts is currently active. In this way you can consciously choose your breathing in order to focus your attention back on the essentials.

17. Helps to achieve more balance in life

Regular yoga practice helps to achieve more inner and outer balance. On the one hand, it helps to get in tune with yourself. Because tensions are released and we learn to relax the mind.

At the same time, the sense of balance is trained. And with it the physical strength and endurance, as well as the deep muscles. This also helps us to hold difficult asanas and to experience more balance in everyday life.

18. Live in the present

At dinner we are already choosing the outfit for the next day. In the bathtub we brood over the unpleasant morning meeting. We are constantly in the past or in the future.

Of course, it's great to reflect or plan for the future. The problem is that very rarely are we in the now. The pranayamas in particular help us to focus on the present. And savor the moment to the full.

19. We feel down to earth and grounded

Sometimes we just lose our heads. The confusion of thoughts and everyday stress pulls us out of our inner peace. We feel unsorted and everything seems chaotic to us.

Regular time out on the mat will help you feel more grounded and leave the chaos behind. The warrior asanas in particular stimulate the energies that help us to be more calm and down-to-earth.

20. The best fitness program for body, mind and soul

Yoga offers a holistic program. We can train our bodies and build muscles. The asanas help to activate energy centers. This has a positive effect on our physical fitness.

But it is the pranayamas and meditation that make yoga so effective. A fit body, a centered mind and inner balance are the package that can take us to a whole new level.

With Yin Yoga Flow you can really relax!

21. Creativity is increased

The yoga advantages naturally include all the benefits of mediation. The practice of mindfulness, conscious breathing and some asanas help to increase creativity.

The forward bend or the cobra are particularly great to stimulate creativity. When doing the asanas, always remember to accept and respect your own pain threshold.

Our conclusion

Yoga benefits are innumerable. Regular practice has great effects on body, mind, health and wellbeing. It's time-out and a fitness program rolled into one. And there is a suitable direction for everyone. So there is only one conclusion left: Do yoga :) Namaste!