Girls are treated well in all IITs

Unequal educational opportunities: why boys fall by the wayside at school

I wouldn't offset that against each other. It is not a good thing that women earn less than men for the same job or that they always end up in the subjects that offer them poorer career opportunities. But that's another topic. And apart from that: if it really remains that girls graduate from high school more often than boys, then this development will also have a greater impact on the labor market in the future. The aim should not be to strike a balance between the two handicaps, but to eliminate both!

What can you do to ensure that girls and boys are at least level again in school?

I don't think there is any silver bullet for this. It is often said that boys just need more male teachers as role models and then it will be all over again. Or boys and girls would have to be taught separately so that both can break out of their gender roles and develop their full potential. But empirical studies show that neither has a major effect on the learning behavior of boys and girls.

As always, it depends most on the teacher. She has to know the differences between boys and girls and their causes and how to best deal with them. Many teachers are already doing this today, but the focus should be even more. There is now evidence that having a dedicated teacher is perhaps even more important for boys than for girls. They are more easily distracted by educators who are not involved themselves and then no longer follow the lessons. Other studies show that boys are more likely to benefit from more structured lessons with higher demands, in which deviant behavior is immediately reflected in a lack of learning success. You can use it practically as an excuse to do more for the school. Good grades are generally not as recognized among boys as they are among girls. Maybe if you get it with your natural talent, but working for school is often considered uncool.

Overall, there are many different approaches. It is important to look into the classroom and not just tinker with the school system.

Why then don't popular approaches like separate classes for boys and girls and more instruction from male teachers not work?