How do I drill a rod

Practical tip: assembling the shower curtain rod in hard tiles. With and without a hole. has gained a lot of experience in the assembly of shower curtain rods, here you will find a few tips for the assembly of the shower curtain rod in hard tiles, glass mosaic or for gluing without drilling and holes.

Installation of the shower rod without drilling holes with adhesive adapters.

Anyone who does not stick a shower curtain rod with the - never drill again - adhesive adapter or attach the shower rod to painted brickwork, wallpaper, wood, etc., where an adhesive plate does not stick, will usually have to drill a hole.

Installation of the shower curtain rod in hard tiles with drill and hole.

When drilling holes in tiles or glass, the drill is to be used with low rotation and without the hammer drill function. To avoid slipping, it is advisable to carefully punch with a hard steel or to fix an adhesive tape on the point.

There are basically different drills for different materials, e.g. for stone, concrete, wood, and even for glass. In every normal household there should therefore be a hammer, a universal and a concrete drill set. Drills tipped with diamond chips are seldom but necessary for particularly hard tiles and porcelain stoneware.

How to find the right drill bit for installing the shower curtain rod in hard tiles

Which drill you need for the respective tile cannot always be seen from the outside. However, you can see that quite quickly once the drill is set. If he drills a clean hole, all is well, if nothing goes ahead, a diamond drill is required and patience is required. A hole like this can take half an hour to complete. When using diamond burs, remember to cool them with water.

To keep the edge of the drill hole nice and clean, you can pre-drill with a smaller drill. To be on the safe side, we recommend ordering a cover rosette with the pole and ceiling bracket to cover any speed cameras.

Special case installation of shower curtain rod and glass mosaic.

When attaching to glass mosaic tiles, a larger rosette (40x6mm) is recommended as a square can easily detach from the surface and must be covered.

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